Final Night Results 2018

November 26, 2018 RPS Competition Results
Final Night Results




November Update

November 19, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi fellow RPSer's

We are coming up to the end of the club’s official activities for the year. I don’t know about you, but for me this year has been going by at a rapid rate of knots, and we are coming to the end of the Program for 2018.

Tuesday this week is the final club night and is "So You Think You're a Judge".

It is an interactive session, lead by the irrepressible Steven Webb on evaluating and assessing images to see the strengths and weaknesses in them, and how they would appear to a judge. It will be both entertaining and informative, and help you in assessing your photos for competitions, and how to spot errors that can catch you out. Come along and join in.

Projected Image and Print of the Year (PIPY)

The competition closes on Tuesday 20th November. Up to 2 prints and 2 Digital images per person. The images must have received an Honours or  Acceptance this year, or been selected to represent RPS in an external competition. Thet cannot have been altered from the original entry. Judging  and results are announced during the Final Night celebrations.


Portfolio Results

November 6, 2018 RPS Competition Results
Portfolio Results 2018




2018 B&W Results

October 17, 2018 RPS Competition Results



The results for the Black and White can be seen here

October Update 2

October 2, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi again.

That was an entertaining and informative evening covering portfolios in many shapes and forms. I hope you all enjoyed it. A big thanks to Shaun Denholm, Veronica Wedlake, Kevin Dickinson, Graham Barr and Sandra Fleet for your contributions.

However, I was also reminded of several things I forgot to put in the last blog which are reasonably important.


First, regarding the up coming field trip to the West Coast over Labour weekend. If you are planning on going, even if just for the day but are not staying in the arranged accommodation and want to connect up with the others, you will need to email Colleen Linnell ( so that you get the field trip emails with all relevant info, and any last minute changes to the itinary.

Next. As I have mentioned at the last few meetings, Carl Street has very generously given RPS one place on his year long one on one mentoring program. The program is aimed at people who are self motivated to really improve their imagery. This can be a new photographer keen to make a jump in understanding and applying different techniques in their work, or a more seasoned club member who who feels their photos have gone stale and would like to push themselves again. The program is tailored to the very lucky person selected.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please contact Veronica Wedlake ( with 3-5 images to show your current work, and a short comment on why you would like to get chosen. Cutoff date is the 6th November. The final decision will be disclosed on Final Night.



October Update

September 28, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi Everyone,

Well, another month bites the dust. It seems to have been a busy start to spring, and with the changeable weather a great time to get out for those expressive landscapes, especially as there is still some snow on the mountains.

Coming up next Tuesday we had on the program a guest speaker – however, we have changed this to a portfolio evening, where various members will be going through their processes behind making a portfolio. With the high calibre of RPS photographers, this will be an informative evening which can help guide you through the path to producing your own quality portfolio of images. If you want to go on and get your PSNZ letters, then this evening will be very useful.


There will also be the usual AV’s, news and updates, with plenty of time to catch up with your friends.

The PSNZ 2018 yearbooks have arrived - for those of you who are also a member of PSNZ come along and collect your copy.

The meeting on Tuesday 16th of October is the Black and White Competition judging – by Scott Fowler. With Scott’s experience and insights there will be a lot to learn as he goes through the entries.


2018 Second Open results

September 19, 2018 RPS Competition Results



The results can be seen here 

August September Update

August 25, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi Everyone,

This is a busy time of the year for the club with quite a few different events happening over the next month.

First we have WIGs on the Lawn next Tuesday, 28th August. This is our annual competition with PIXELS from Christchurch, and we are the hosts this time. The evening starts as usual at 7pm at the clubrooms. The judging is by a panel of three judges, and will showcase some of each clubs best images taken over the last 12 months.  Once the judging has been completed and the winner announced, the results can be discussed over the supper provided whilst catching up with your friends.


The following week, Tuesday 4th September we are having a Camera Craft on Astro, run by Nick Thorp. There is a google doc registration form on line or if you have problems with that contact Nick at

The moon will not be rising until later on in the evening so plenty of time for star shots. We will be first meeting at the clubrooms at 7pm for a short tutorial on setting up your gear, before a 10 minute drive to where the shoot will be held. More details will be announced nearer the time.

This is also the last day you can be nominated to be on the committee. The committee work to bring the program of events, field trips, competitions etc to the club. If you are interested in joining the committee and helping to deliver the program, please contact club secretary Shane Jones or one of the committee members by the end of the this evening.

The following week, 11th September is the Annual General Meeting. This is the evening where we go over the clubs running, any changes to the constitution and most importantly voting in of the committee for 2019. This is a very important evening for the club - there are quite a few changes to the committee next year.


2018 Set Subject results

August 24, 2018 RPS Competition Results



The Set Subject results can be seen here

August Update

August 4, 2018 Club Chatter

 Hi Everyone

Coming up next club meeting on Tuesday August 7, we have James Gibson as the speaker. James is a very active and passionate photographer in many of the fields of photography we see at the club. He has done an astro talk for us before, and next week is focused more on underwater photography, but with some additions. It promises to be a fascinating and informative evening on another aspect of our craft, and one that we don’t often see.


Looking forward this month we have the judging of Set Subject and the closing of the Second Open competition, on the 22nd August, and the closing of the On-line competition – subject “Harmony” on the 31st.

There is a dawn shoot on the books for the 19th August – details will be announced at the club meeting and published shortly after. Hopefully the weather will play ball.


2018 Portrait Results



The Portrait results can be seem here


July 2, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi Everyone

Just a quick note to remind you about Tuesdays meeting. Some slight changes to the original plans, however it promises to be a very interesting evening. First we have Shaun Denholm talking more about aspects of his time with Andris Apse, followed by Peter Langlands whose talk will be “The role of photography over thirty years as an ornithologist, fisher and forager- some highlights,” showing some of his award winning images taken over the years. 

I hope you managed to take advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend to get out and add to your photo portfolio, or maybe just take some of the spring flowers starting (in error) to blossom.

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Stuart Allan



Challenge Results - Simply Structures

June 16, 2018 Challenge Results
Results for the 2nd Online Challenge [Simply Structures]
1. Natures Structure - Jan Driscoll
2. The Looking Glass - Peter Bradshaw
3. Icy Pebbles - David Woodcock
4. Tower Power Structure - Jean Hilton
5. Tilts - Colleen Linnell

May Blog

May 18, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi Everyone,

There are quite a few activities in the upcoming weeks, so I thought it might be wise to give you an update.

Macro/Natural History Workshop

First of all as most of you know we have a workshop at the clubrooms this Sunday, 20th May, covering Macro, Focus Stacking and What makes a Natural History Image. If you haven’t registered already please make sure you do so via the email/google doc sent out recently or email Veronica on

This will be a great way to advance your macro photography and get some more insights into the process of taking Natural History images that will make yours stand out from the crowd!


Light Painting Camera Craft

Recently added to the Calendar on Tuesday, 29th May at 7pm, Jean Hilton is bringing along all her lighting modifiers, LED lights and techniques so that you can learn how she takes some of these beautiful flowing light photos.

 To Bring: Camera, tripod, SD card.

Helpful but not essential: Shutter release trigger, having B stop on your camera (you control how long the shutter is open for). Wear black non-reflective clothing if you want to have a go at playing with the actual lights.

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for those who are affected by migraines or epilepsy triggered by flickering lights

A picture containing green, light, traffic, sitting

Description generated with high confidenceA close up of an animal

Description generated with high confidence

 Session starts at the usual time of 7pm.


The next club meeting is on the 5th June. It is Showtime – an opportunity to show your photos that would otherwise not see the light of day, and can be from a workshop, a trip, or just experimenting. It is café style, so bring along drinks and nibbles. Coffee, tea and cake/biscuits will be provided as usual.

If you are supplying images for Trevor White to assemble into an AV, can you please send them through to him on by the end of May to give him time to compile them. You can also bring along an AV of no more than 3-4 min’s and contact Trevor to let him know.

This is a very social evening and a great way for us all to catch up, and to get to know some of the newer members.


 The latest club competition is Portraiture which will close for judging on 19th June.

The current Online Challenge competition is “In the Dark”, and after the success of the last one lets keep the momentum up, get your camera out and take some original, quirky or just plain fun photos, show us what you can do.

On the RPS Facebook page we have put out a poll for this year’s Final Night, so that we can get your input on what you would like. If you are not on Facebook, drop your thoughts in to the secretary by email. (

2018 Landscape results



The results of the 2018 Landscape can be seen here


Club Chatter Edition 145

April 19, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi Everyone,

It is definitely the changing of the seasons – but I don’t think it is meant to skip straight to snow and frosts. However, whenever the weather gets a bit antsy, there are more opportunities for some dramatic images and I am sure those that ventured out have got some great shots.

Coming up at the next meeting on Tuesday (17th) is the judging for the PJ competition. We will also be having the Suitcase challenge so for those who are in this one don’t forget – make sure that creative shot is finished.


Some important updates to the program. As I mentioned at the last meeting, the next day field trip on 22nd April is going to be at Hagley Park. Russell Falconer is co-ordinating this one. Because of the difficulty in getting access at the various wineries Hagley was chosen for the great variety of gardens, trees, ponds and river scenes, and with the Autumn Garden in colour as well. The weather being quite changeable at the moment should create opportunities for a wide range of photography. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer though.


2018 PJ Results

April 18, 2018 RPS Competition Results
The PJ results can be seen here




Trenna Packer 2018

April 4, 2018 External Competitions

Time to select our Club entry for the Trenna Packer Natural History Competition.

You may submit up to 6 images which will be part of the pool of images from which the committee will select our club entry of 6 images.

The uploader allows for 5 images - just repeat the process for the 6th image if you wish to submit 6.

Submissiona close on 15th May.

The Rules for this competition are the same as the PSNZ Rules for Nature, 2015.


  • The subject matter must be nature as defined by the rules attached, which excludes cultivated plants, domestic animals and confined animals
  • The subject matter is restricted to New Zealand and its offshore islands.
  • Entry is Digital and images should be saved as jpeg, sRGB colour space, resolution 72ppi with 1620 pixels on the horizontal for landscape and 1080 on the vertical side for portrait and at a file size between 400Kb and 1.2Mb. 

2018 1st Open results

March 21, 2018 RPS Competition Results



The results for the 1st open can be found here

Challenge Results - Geometric Play

March 6, 2018 Challenge Results

Results for First Challenge 2018 - Geometric Play

1st   Plane Texture and Colour by David Woodcock 

2nd  Reflections by Hilary Lakeman

3rd Playtime by Jan Driscoll

4th Pylon by Trevor White

5th Steps on Reflection by Catherine Dalton

6th QVB by Rhonda Stove


Club Chatter Edition 144

February 18, 2018 Club Chatter

Hi All,

As many of you will have heard Jude Knight is recovering in hospital after a serious car accident. Her husband has requested privacy so please don’t discuss this on public media, but we all wish her the very best and a speedy recovery.



Now don’t forget this month we have the 1st Open competition, closing after Tuesday’s meeting at midnight, 20th February.  Get those entries in. And don’t forget to submit your take on this months On-line challenge – Geometric Play. There are already some interesting photos entered.  This one closes on 28th February.

I would also like to remind you to send in photos for the external competitions. I’m sure you have plenty of images that will blow the competition away, the hardest job is to arrange them in sets so the more submitted the easier it will be for Veronica and her team.


Challenge Result for 2017

November 26, 2017 Challenge Results

Winner of the 2017 Challenge

Colleen Linnell 

2nd Equal 

Hilary Lakeman and Annette Preen

4th Equal

Catherine Dalton and Carl Street

See the leader board for more results.


Challenge Results - Backlight

November 26, 2017 Challenge Results

1st Place     Simple     Sarah Perrins

2nd Place     Lotus      Jean Hilton

3rd Place      Minnie      Colleen Linnell

4th Place     Red as Roses    Kyla Forbes-Kean

5th Place    Sun Rays       Colin Crowther


Club Chatter Edition 143

November 20, 2017 Club Chatter

Hello fellow RPSer’s

I hope you have managed to take advantage of the great weather we have had over the long weekend to get out and exercise your cameras. Even to try something different….


The bright weather is great for experimenting with infra red if you haven’t tried it before.



Coming up this week is our last club night for the year. This will be a little different from usual, an evening spent with Steven Webb. It is an interactive evening, the topic being Judging Your Images. With his usual humour Steven will go through a range of photos from a judges viewpoint, before splitting everybody into groups and giving you a chance to do the same. Come along – it will be a great evening, informative and fun, and a way to help you select which of your photos have potential…. and which don’t!

Next Saturday, November 25 is the RPS Final Night – our celebration of your years successes and the time to wind down the club year. It is being held at the Rangiora Golf Club, Golf Links Road, Rangiora. Doors open at 6:30 for a 7pm start. Tickets are still available, contact Joanne McDougall or Veronica Wedlake. Tickets can be collected at the Tuesday meeting as well. The program for 2018 will be handed out so you will be able to plan your photographic year ahead. 




Club Chatter Edition 142

November 2, 2017 Club Chatter

Hello Fellow RPS’rs,

We have some important updates on operations at RPS Central on this beautiful spring day. 

First though, I hope all that attended the Camera Craft evening enjoyed themselves, and learnt something new from the three quite different offerings. Once again a huge thank you to Steve Lloyd, Graham Deane and Sarah Perrins for all their efforts and sharing of information, Jacinda who was a most obliging model and ended the evening totally covered in flour, and Veronica for helping with the organising. It was all very much appreciated.

Now a couple of important things that we have changed.

PORTFOLIO Competition

As some will have found out, due to a timing error the Portfolio competition on the website closed well before Midnight on Tuesday. However, we have now extended the closing time -  you can still enter until Midnight Sunday 5th  November by emailing Compsec Alan and giving the title of your entry. His email is [ ] Note that entry via the website is still closed though. 

Either deliver your portfolio to Veronica at Mike Greer Homes 1/29 Huntingdon Drive by the Five Stags, or deliver early on 7th November, judging night (preferably before 6pm). If you are delivering on the night please let Veronica know, plus what format your display will take i.e. 6 separate images or all on one board [] so that we can set up the required number of display panels.






PIPY Competition

This one blew by us somehow but the new closing date is Tuesday 14th November, and the website is now again accepting entries.

Up to two (2) Prints and two (2) Projected Images will be accepted from each entrant (total 4 entries).  Entries for the PIPY must have been awarded acceptance or Honours certificates, or have been selected as part of a Society entry in an Outside Competition this year. (In effect you are re-entering something that has won before). The images must be presented exactly the same as they were when originally awarded i.e. no alterations.


If you are entering more than two, please run through the online entry system twice, as it can only handle two in one go.


As is usual, winners will be announced on Final Night.


Club Chatter Edition 141

October 28, 2017 Club Chatter

Hello Fellow RPS’rs,

Well, November is fast approaching and with it the final activities on the club calendar.

Tuesday 31st October is the final Camera Craft of the year, so we will go out with a blast of light. We have three scenes again, with the subjects being:

  1. Portrait lighting – from Rembrandt to  Butterfly and everything in between using the club strobes and guided by the one and only Steve Lloyd.
  2. Using portable led lighting for a variety of subjects depending on the weather. Ideally would be outside using a mixture of flour and a model.  This is guided by the very informative Graham Dean and promises to deliver something different from the usual.
  3. Water + action using off camera flash. Dropping things in water, punching water, plus a few other options (involving water!!) depending how much mess we want to make. This is being illuminated by the splash master Sarah Perrins.

I am really looking forward to this one, should be a huge amount of fun and learning – on Halloween this is our version of tricks and treats!



Next Tuesday, 31 October is the final day to enter into the Portfolio competition. As I said last time, this competition is challenging but a nice way to showcase your work within a theme. The portfolios presented in earlier years have always shown a great range of subject material and ideas, and I am looking forward to seeing what you put in this year. Also, for the first time I will be trying my hand at it as well! So bring along your portfolios this coming Tuesday, or they can be dropped off by arrangement, or brought along early on Tuesday 7 November – email Alan or Veronica. To enter competition use the website and please just upload any image from your portfolio  - but most importantly the title. 


Club Chatter Edition 140

October 16, 2017 Club Chatter

Hello Fellow RPSer’s.

Today saw the last day of our exhibition at the Brick Mill Gallery, with a good number of people visiting and as I write this although I don’t have a final tally of the sales it seems to be similar to last year, a great result. The range of images was amazing and it was a joy to look at all your hard work in print. You should be proud of it.   

A very big thank you to the organisers David and Rachel Woodcock for all the work they put in bringing it together. I would also like to say a big thanks to Shane Jones for preparing the food for the soiree on Friday night – the onion bhajis were delicious, and the sweets very moreish (and yes I did have seconds!) 

Scott Fowler gave a talk on opening night which was quite to the point – RPS does indeed have a great selection of very talented photographers whose images are right up there with the best. Thanks Scott. We will invite you back again!

Along with the above mentioned there were all the other people who helped with the exhibition from setting out the signage – twice – (thanks Peter), picture hanging, manning the desk and the myriad of other jobs which had to be done to make this a success. A very big thanks to you all.

And a message from our Framemaker Extraordinaire Graham Barr

Hi, if you didn't collect your prints from the exhibition, and will be at the meeting tomorrow night, can you please email me at and I will bring them.

If you won't be at the meeting then you can please pick them up from Framemakers, 137 Main North Road, Woodend, THIS WEEK during normal business hours. 

I don't want to risk damaging them by carting them to and from meetings on the off-chance yo'll be there to pick them up. Also we are very busy and pushed for room to store finished works so we'd really appreciate having them collected this week.




2017 Second Open results

September 20, 2017 RPS Competition Results



The results for the Second Open (Prints only) can be seen here

Challenge Results - Minimal

September 19, 2017 Challenge Results

1st Place     Stairs                               Eric Pollock

2nd Place    Lotus                                Annette Preen

3rd Place     Calm Upon the Lake       Catherine Dalton

4th Place     One                                  Colleen Linnell

5th Place     Inside the Bubble             Karina Templeton


Exhibition Update

September 18, 2017 Exhibitions

Hi everyone

With less than a month to go to the Exhibition Weekend, if you are planning to attend the Exhibition Opening Night on the 13th October 7-9pm, please RSVP to Rachel Woodcock as soon as you can.


Also exhibitors please continue to send in those image details (mount type, price and dimensions) so we can complete the Exhibition Catalogue as soon as possible.


We still need some helpers on Friday afternoon and both sessions on Sunday so if you can help out please email Rachel.


Not long to go now, can't wait to see all the images on display.

Thanks, Rachel & Dave.


Club Chatter Edition 139

September 18, 2017 Club Chatter

Hello fellow RPS members,

Well, spring is well and truly here, the warmer weather bringing a lot more activity into the days, and hopefully stirring up your creative juices.

This has been a busy month and it’s not over yet. The AGM was last Tuesday and a thank you to all who attended. The committee for 2018 has been elected, although there is still a space free for one of you to help create and deliver the program of events for RPS. 

The Officers and Committee members for 2018 are:

Stuart Allan             President

Veronica Wedlake    Vice President

Shane Jones            Secretary

Joanne McDougal     Treasurer

David Woodcock

Rachael Woodcock

Julie McLean

Malcolm York

Richard Loader        Immediate Past President


Catherine Boyd       Webmistress

Alan McDougal       Competition Secretary


Tuesday night’s meeting is the judging of the Second Open – Prints. A great evening for us to see what a variety of subjects you have presented in your prints, and so nice to see the images off the screen. 

Tuesday night is also the closing of the Black and White competition – bring your prints along to the meeting or enter them online by midnight Tuesday.

We have a new Online Challenge starting up. Minimal has closed with some really creative ideas shown. Well done!! Results will be published soon. The new Online subject is ‘Backlight’, where the main light source is behind the subject. This should be a fun challenge -can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

The next workshop will be Astro Photography with Nick Thorp - details available soon - keep an eye on the calendar on the website.


Notice AGM

September 10, 2017 Club Chatter

Hi Fellow RPS Members

Annual General Meeting - 7.00pm - Tuesday the 12th of September.


Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday night is the AGM for the Rangiora Photographic Society.

The last 12 months have gone by rather quickly, with some changes and also successes for both the club and members in various competitions and challenges.

The AGM is not just about reviewing last year’s minutes, inwards correspondence, the finances and of course the election and election of committee and officers of the club. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon our successes as a club and to celebrate them.

We are a photography society and so it is only fitting that there should also be a presentation of the many club 'Honours' images that have accumulated over the last 12 months along with some other external highlights. Yours may well be one of them.

I hope that as many of you as possible will come to what promises to be a visually attractive AGM and of course enjoy some savouries and a glass of wine on RPS following the AGM.

Kind regards

Stuart Allan




Tips and Quotes Book

September 6, 2017 Tutorials & Useful Stuff

Tips and Quotes Book Book 2017.pdf?dl=0

Follow this link, then download to your computer and save in the usual way.

You will only be able to see a preview in dropbox - you need to download to see the whole document.




Challenge Results - Motion Blur

August 16, 2017 Challenge Results
Results for the Motion Blur Challenge

2017 Set Subject results

August 15, 2017 RPS Competition Results
The results can be seen here

The results can be seen here


Club Chatter Edition # 138

August 13, 2017 Club Chatter

Hi RPS members,


This week we have the judging of set subject at Tuesday’s meeting and it will be really interesting to see all the different interpretations of ‘weather’ that you have entered. The judge this week is Daniel Wong, a very accomplished landscape photographer, recently taking out honours and acceptance at the Trenna Packer awards.




The competition closing on Tuesday is the second Open, prints only. Time to get your photos off the hard drive. Don’t forget to bring the prints along on the night, and also enter your chosen images in the usual way on the website.


Tuesday 22nd of August is the Pixels ‘Wigs on the Lawn’ competition, being held at Palmers lounge, corner of Harewood Road and Wilmot Street, Papanui. It is a great way to see how the images chosen from the members stack up against the local competition, followed by a cuppa and snacks.

Aim to be there at 7:15 for a 7:30 start.


2017 PJ Results

The results can be seen here




RPS Exhibition 2017

June 22, 2017 Exhibitions

Hello Everyone!


It is my pleasure to invite you all to submit images for this year's exhibition. This will be at the Brick Mill Gallery on 13th – 15th October 2017.


We need 3! Three images from each of you! 


At this stage, we don't need full resolution versions as the selection team will use these to choose the best combinations for exhibiting. 


Please use the RPS website to submit images. Use the ‘My RPS’ page, under ‘Competition Type’ select ‘Exhibition 2016’. Then proceed as usual.

Maximum of 1620 horizontal x Maximum of 1080 vertical pixels please.


19 July at Midnight will be the close for this submission.


The plan is to select 100 images for display. We will notify each of you which of your images have been selected. Those images will need to be higher resolution photographs, printed and mounted by you once we have notified you (not before!). Physical size is up to you. They can be prints with mounts/mats or you can choose to use a canvas media.


So have a good look and think which of your wonderful images should be printed, mounted and displayed. Make sure that you cover the costs with a considered sale price (twice those costs is a starting point!).


If you have any questions, please see me at a club night or reply to this using the address below. Many thanks to you all... I can't wait!

Dave and the Team


Club Chatter Edition # 137

June 19, 2017 Club Chatter

Hi everyone,

The days are flying by – only another couple of days until the shortest day, and then we have spring to look forward to. 

This Tuesdays club night is the judging of the first open. This is one of our most popular competitions, it will be judged by the venerable Steven Webb and I for one am really looking forward to his views on our images. Steven has long been involved in the club, right through to being president, and also worked hard with the others in our external competition selection committee. 


One of the things that is often said about our competitions is that they are great for learning. I personally agree with this sentiment, although it took me quite a while to get my head around it. If you are new to the club, and to competitions it can be quite daunting to put a photo up. However, the guidance from the judges as well as from other club members can help you on your way to achieving what you want out of your photography. With the different competition categories you may also find the area you most enjoy, such as portraiture, landscape or natural history.


Club Chatter Edition # 136

June 5, 2017 Club Chatter

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great break over this long weekend. Not exactly the best weather for getting out and grabbing aurora’s or sunset shots these last couple of days, but there are other types of images we can take in this kind of weather.



 It is one of these that we will be going through tonight. It is a camera craft workshop type evening. The workshop is on one of my favourite subjects - how to take photos of burning out lightbulbs. Hopefully not exploding!! 

Kind of like this:


After the demonstrations you will have the chance to try it with your own camera, providing you have a flash and remote flash trigger, as the flash is mounted off to the side. 

So, if you want to join in you should bring along your camera, flash, remote trigger or cable for the flash, and tripod. I’ll bring lots of lightbulbs and we should have a blast!

I will have some triggers for Nikon cameras if that helps. 


Kaimanawa Horse Photo Op

May 23, 2017 Notice Board
Kaimanawa Wild Horse - Winter Wonderland Adventure
Wednesday 28th June - Friday 30th June 2017

Club Chatter Edition # 135

April 30, 2017 Club Chatter

Hi everybody,

This year seems to be one of change all round.   

As you will be aware, at the last club meeting Richard Loader resigned from the position of President. Richard has given a lot of his time and energy over the last couple of years into the role, presenting club nights with his usual flair and bonhomie, representing RPS at photographic events and promoting the club to all and sundry amongst all the other tasks leading the club has required. He has happily accepted for the club the cups and awards that we have received from interclub competitions, which in the last 12 months or so have been considerable. We have much to thank Richard for as he moves to immediate past president, and we will continue to look forward to seeing him at meetings.



For the moment as vice president I will be taking over from Richard, so there may be a few wobbles as I adjust to the role and the myriad tasks that are required. One of the things that has slipped of late has been club updates by blog, email or on Facebook for those that have not been able to make the meetings. 

On that note here are a few items to bring everybody up to date.


2017 Landscape results

March 22, 2017 RPS Competition Results
The Results for the landscape competition and be seen here




Challenge Results - Get Down Low

March 11, 2017 Challenge Results

What a fantastic array of images for the first Challenge this year, Get Down Low.



We are certainly off to a good start!

And the winners are

Lees Valley Field Trip

February 13, 2017 Field Trips

Lees Valley Field Trip

Date: Sunday 26th February 2017

Trip Leader: Dominic Stove phone 027 2811882.


Lees Valley is a high country valley located about 30km from Rangiora. The trip offers good photo opportunities, however parking places are limited above the Ashley George section of the road in. We will probably stop near the high point to view the plains and at middle bridge to take a short walk up a hill above the stockyards.


Final Night Results 2016

December 4, 2016 RPS Competition Results
Final Night Results 2016




2016 Second Open results

October 5, 2016 RPS Competition Results


The results for the second Open can be found here

Don't Be Afraid to be P A M

Don’t be afraid to be (P)rofessional,  (A+)wesome or (M)arvellous


Up until three years ago I used my camera in P for Professional mode, that’s the P on the dial which lets the camera do everything for you to get a shot with the ‘correct’ exposure. I put the word correct in quotes because I have come to realise that exposure is simply a creative tool and there really isn’t a ‘correct’ one. 

Anyway, back to being (P)rofessional :-). My process for taking an image went like this:-

I had no idea about ISO, shutter speed or aperture and believe it or not I got lots of great images, in fact most of my images taken to get me from C to B grade were taken with this approach. 

It was during an RPS dawn shoot at Pegasus Bay that I learnt about Manual mode…..eek! At that point the intricacies of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and White Balance became a bewildering new set of tools and possibilities to get my head around. For the techie geek in me this was a whole new box full of goodies and opportunities to explore…wahoo :-). 


Club Chatter Edition # 134

May 30, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Finding inspiring and motivating guest speakers can sometimes be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.
In the past many really inspiring speakers have made the trek to Rangiora and injected their thoughts about a huge range of photographic subjects from weddings, landscape, long exposures, photojournalism, fashion and black and white to name but a few. They do it willingly and generously, typically rewarded by a bottle of wine, a few petrol vouches and RPS’s infectious energy, friendship and engagement.
They have all left their mark in one way or another and some of them have had the effect of compelling us to go forth from the room and pick up the camera and start making images straight away.
I am sure that our photography has developed and blossomed certainly in part due to the exposure we have had to some amazing luminaries.
One of the challenges is to find new and different speakers who can maintain that inspiration and motivation so that the experience for all is new and fresh and our demands on the same speakers s not onerous.
Perhaps in the future the Canterbury Clubs will look to bring in guest speakers from outside of their home areas and to host more ‘regional’ presentations rather than club presentations. Of course a down side of that is that individual clubs lose that intimate relationship that they currently enjoy with the people who visit as judges and guest speakers.
Rangiora has developed such wonderful friendships with so many highly thought of photographic specialists and I think that needs to be protected at all costs. The relationship that we enjoy with these people is absolutely invaluable in so many ways and we must not lose that.
There may however still be the opportunity to balance that by regions hosting speakers that individual clubs would not otherwise be exposed to and I also think that there is real value in that.
We constantly need to be reviewing what we do and how we do it to maintain vitality, relevance and freshness that is sustainable.
I would add that while finding needles in a haystack can be tricky, actually finding one is incredibly rewarding. One such person was Peter Latham who is based in the Coromandel and who will be speaking to us on the 7th of June.
Club Meeting – Tuesday the 7th of June 2016 – Guest Speaker Peter Latham
It really has been incredibly exciting talking to Peter over the last couple of months to get to the point where his visit to Rangiora is almost upon us. 
In addition to showing a collection of his beautiful landscape images captured throughout New Zealand, Peter will talk to us a bit about his journey in photography which started off from a 5 month bicycle/photography expedition, then a stint on cruise ships before returning to New Zealand and focusing on fine art landscape photography.
He will also talk to us about the gallery market and fine art photography in terms of what sells and what he looks for when capturing an image.
Peter is also known for his large projects and composite imagery and he will outline these to us.
I posted Peter’s bio on the Rangiora Photographic Society’s facebook page and so you can check there for more information about Peter.
I am incredibly appreciative and humbled by Peter travelling to North Canterbury to talk to us. While his visit will form part of a Southern photographic trip, he has planned that around RPS.
Having seen the images that he will be presenting and spoken to him on a number of occasions now I just know that you will thoroughly enjoy it.
Please book it in your diaries as this will be an evening not to be missed.

Club Chatter Edition # 133

May 2, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
A few years ago I visited Athens for 4 or 5 days and made a daily pilgrimage to Plaka, which sits just beneath the Acropolis and is a labyrinth of ancient streets and alley ways that are now the home to marketers and peddlers of anything touristy. 
There is an addictive vibrancy in the air and I used to love meandering around the many twists and turns and getting lost—which for one that is directionally dyslexic was not difficult in the least. 
Near Plaka there is an area that is absolutely dedicated to outdoor eateries and restaurants—a little like the restaurant mecca of Lygon Street in Melbourne – but ever so much more rustic. As is often the way in highly competitive fooderies in Europe the waiters stand outside the restaurant area and try to entice the throngs of passers by in—often offering free this or that and certainly theirs is the very best restaurant in all of Plaka and you will not find anywhere more price competitive. No such thing as the Fair Trading Act or Consumer Guarantees Act in Plaka.
On my first sojourn to Plaka I walked around all the restaurants looking at the menus posted on bulletin boards at the entrance ways and generally trying to avoid the eye and attention of the eager waiters who would pounce at the drop of a hat. 
I first met Giorgos on my second circle of the restaurants as he stood elegantly at the gate of a restaurant. Only his quiet nod and acknowledgment to the multitudes that passed gave it away that he was associated with the restaurant. 
He was a man in his mid forties, tall and impeccably dressed, slightly thinning salt and pepper hair brushed back, gold metal framed spectacles on his tanned face and with a smile that charmed and would no doubt capture the heart of any lady tourist – or a gay one for that matter.
He was the waiter in the restaurant but you would think that he was the owner he was so passionate about it and the food that would be created and served within.
I said to him that I was a very selective eater – and those of you who know about my ‘red food phobia’ will understand the dilemma that this causes—particularly when a tourist in a country known for its tomato dishes. 
Giorgos asked my name and I told him it was Richard. With meaning and focus he said; ‘Reeshard…..I will make a deesh a just for yuuu’. 
Well, how can you resist that and so it was that I dined in Giorgos’ restaurant and indeed dined there every night that I was in Athens.
Every time I walked up to the Restaurant Giorgos was there to meet me and would welcome me to the restaurant – ‘Ahhhhh Reeeshard….have yuuu come to dine here again my friend?’, and it was always Giorgos that waited upon me and certainly every meal was as though it was a ‘deesh a just for mee’. 
One evening I asked him about his background. Giorgos looked at me with that ‘it is what it is look’ and said, ‘Reeeshard I am a broken man. I trained as a chef in the famous keechens of Rhodes Island and once had my own restaurant….but you know the Greek condition eees nota good and so I lost every thing. know. I lost a my restaurant, my wife and my famileee….and now I wait on tables….your table. I am a waiter.’
Giorgos wore his heart on his sleeve and regardless of what had happened to him he knew that it was more about what he did about it that really mattered the most. He also understood the value of people and relationships. This ‘beautiful man’ had carefully and genuinely built a relationship that ensured I would always go back and seek him out – to dine at his restaurant amongst the many at the foot of Plaka—the ‘neighborhood of the Gods.’ And I bet that he did that with every passing tourist. It was his way…the way of a broken man that refuses to be consumed by woe and sorrow.
The only free gift that Giorgos offered to me when I first met him was his endearing smile – no free litres of wine nor starters or breads – just a smile from man who said he was broken but would make a dish just for me.
It is always about the people and how people treat people and, you know, that is something that Rangiora Photographic Society also does extremely well.
But on with the blog…..

Club Chatter Edition # 132

April 5, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Old Wives Tale’ by an author long since dead by the name of Arnold Bennett. The book was in fact written in 1908 and from all accounts is one of those famous English classics. 
The story covers the lives of two sisters from 1840 through to 1904 and one of the points that is made is that it matters not how we end up for we all end up the same. What is very important is what happens in the intervening years—the quality, goodness, the depth and breadth and very texture of our lives.
To be fair, I had never heard of the book or the author until I was reading another aged book by the name of ‘Testament of Youth’ that referenced the Bennett book and so I made a point to download it onto my kindle and read it.
One of the things that I absolutely love about this book is the fact that it was written over 100 years ago and captures the very essence of life as it was in the years from mid 19th century through to very early turn of the 20th.
The language and the way people expressed themselves, their dress, fashions, ideas about death, respectability, prejudices, the class structure and attitudes to different cultures, the food and the way they ate; all beautifully captured in the pages between two covers.
And why is that important? Fair question! 
Well Karl Marx said that knowing the past is key to knowing the future. But perhaps it’s more complex than that. Reflecting upon the oddities and peculiarities of life as it was is helpful to us to reflect upon the oddities and peculiarities of life as it currently is and to know that nothing stays the same.
So much of what we do as photographers is in fact documenting the life and times of our current world around us—creating a snapshot of the current state that future generations can look back on just as we look back at images taken 100 years ago and consider what life was like back in ‘the day’.
Doc Ross describes this as ‘capturing the essence of the human environment’, and we, as photographers, have an important role to play in doing just that. Check out

Club Chatter Edition # 131

March 10, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Yes, it has been a while since I last put finger to key and tapped out an RPS Blog. Did you know that ‘Blog’ is a fusion of two words—Web and Log?
Since taking a sojourn from the daily habit of paid corporate employment I have found myself in the rather peculiar position of being even busier than I was previously but apparently that is to be expected. When suddenly confronted with a voluminous amount of time we go into a panic and proceed to fill every conceivable minute/hour with something that we perceive to be worthwhile thus justifying sitting behind a computer with a cup of coffee at the ready.
In my case, the ‘busyness’ has been doing a lot of writing and a fair amount of photography and on occasion both at the same time. All very exciting—particularly when material gets published.
Ahh yes, it is the life of the freelance writer and photographer for me—actually ‘free’ is the most appropriate part of that title; though there are two aspects to that as well. In the one sense the words that I tap out and the images I produce are apparently for free. In the other sense….I am at least free from the corporate drudgery and I have to say that is – to use an oft used term of mine – ‘wunderbar’.
But in any event, while all this excitement has been going on I have been quite neglectful in the RPS Blog front to the point where it now features prominently in my diary to get one done before the next club meeting. So the time is nigh.
Just as a matter of conversation I was trolling through shoeboxes of old film photographs the other day. (I’m not really sure what ‘the other’ day really means. Do you? I suppose it means any day other than today.) There were literally packets of these things and going through them was an interesting experience in embarrassment. What was I thinking when I carefully photographed that pinecone? What did I see in that bland piece of landscape, which had its horizon tilting to one side and was in any event badly over exposed? Why did I shoot that sky when there was nothing but…well sky with a tiny bird flying overhead and even the tiny dot of a bird appeared out of focus.
Needless to say those once coveted images so lovingly framed in the viewfinder that cost a dollar a pop were all dispatched to the recycling bin and I feel all the better for the experience of brutality.
But it did tell me a couple of things:
1.Thank goodness for digital and the digital trash can; and
2.My photography has improved over the last 20 years. Well thank goodness for that.
It is good to reflect upon where we started from and appreciate where we are now in terms of our development and remember also that the only person that you are really competing with is the person that you were 5 minutes ago.
But let’s gets this show on the road and complete the rest of the blog—if you are still with me.

Club Chatter Edition # 130

January 18, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
We ended the 2015 RPS year on a high note with our ‘new look’ Final Night and I had meant to come back to you with one final ‘blog’ for the year to thank you for making Final Night so successful and wish you safe travels and a ‘Happy New Year’. As things are apt to happen, time just ran way with me but the thought was there nonetheless.
In terms of Final Night, I thought the format worked very well and it was fabulous to see you all looking so resplendent. You had all gone to so much trouble, which was reflected in the spirit and energy of the evening. Thank you.
It was also great that PSNZ President Murry Cave made the effort to attend our Final Night, an effort that was very much appreciated.
It is good to look at different ways that our Final Night can be presented and next year we may do something similar and perhaps the year after that we may look at something different. The key with these things is to always maintain freshness and vibrancy. I would be really interested in getting any further feedback from you about last years Final Night and hearing ideas that you may have for future Final Nights and how you think that it could be delivered.
For me, the year has started in a rather interesting way. After 35 years working for the same organization, albeit in different corporate structures, a restructure has meant that I am now officially looking for new opportunities. 
It feels kind of scary and kind of exciting all at the same time. Most days it feels like the restrictions of a birdcage have been removed but on some days it is like I am adrift in a large ocean with only a flutter board for security.
But to have the freedom to really explore what it is that you want to do when you ‘grow up’ is pretty amazing and it’s interesting to really understand what it is that I like doing most of all.
We spend so much of our time doing things because of perceived commitments; because it is expected of us; because we have always done it; because that is what I did yesterday and the day before; because it is easy and safe to stay doing the same thing….but what is it that you would really like to do? 
That is the question and for many of us in our heart of hearts we actually know….but never get to do or never have the courage to do.
For me, well I like relating to people, talking, telling stories, travelling and taking a photo or two.
So I think that I might become a travelling photographer and storyteller! What I do know is that it is going to be an exciting year, perhaps not without its little humps and bumps, but being part of RPS is really exciting because it does allow me to fulfill all the things that I love doing now. Very cool!
As I re-read and proof this blog before posting it, it occurs to me that there is another question to ask and that is, if you were released of all limitations or restrictions, what would you really like to do as a photographer and what sort of photography would you really like to do?
Perhaps that is something that we can all ponder over the course of the year as it unfolds.
It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Website Links & Online Learning

April 25, 2014 Tutorials & Useful Stuff

This page is for links to photographic websites and online learning that may be of interest. If you know of any sites that should be shared, email the link to the President for consideration.

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Scott Kelby - every photographer's home should have at least one of Scott's books, as well as the knowledge from this website.

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