2016 Set Subject Results

August 16, 2016 RPS Competition Results



The results for the Set Subject (Urban Landscape) can be found here

2016 Photo Journalism results



The results of the 2016 photo Journalism competition can be seen here

2016 Open Results



Results can be seen here

Don't Be Afraid to be P A M

Don’t be afraid to be (P)rofessional,  (A+)wesome or (M)arvellous


Up until three years ago I used my camera in P for Professional mode, that’s the P on the dial which lets the camera do everything for you to get a shot with the ‘correct’ exposure. I put the word correct in quotes because I have come to realise that exposure is simply a creative tool and there really isn’t a ‘correct’ one. 

Anyway, back to being (P)rofessional :-). My process for taking an image went like this:-

I had no idea about ISO, shutter speed or aperture and believe it or not I got lots of great images, in fact most of my images taken to get me from C to B grade were taken with this approach. 

It was during an RPS dawn shoot at Pegasus Bay that I learnt about Manual mode…..eek! At that point the intricacies of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and White Balance became a bewildering new set of tools and possibilities to get my head around. For the techie geek in me this was a whole new box full of goodies and opportunities to explore…wahoo :-). 


Club Chatter Edition # 134

May 30, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Finding inspiring and motivating guest speakers can sometimes be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.
In the past many really inspiring speakers have made the trek to Rangiora and injected their thoughts about a huge range of photographic subjects from weddings, landscape, long exposures, photojournalism, fashion and black and white to name but a few. They do it willingly and generously, typically rewarded by a bottle of wine, a few petrol vouches and RPS’s infectious energy, friendship and engagement.
They have all left their mark in one way or another and some of them have had the effect of compelling us to go forth from the room and pick up the camera and start making images straight away.
I am sure that our photography has developed and blossomed certainly in part due to the exposure we have had to some amazing luminaries.
One of the challenges is to find new and different speakers who can maintain that inspiration and motivation so that the experience for all is new and fresh and our demands on the same speakers s not onerous.
Perhaps in the future the Canterbury Clubs will look to bring in guest speakers from outside of their home areas and to host more ‘regional’ presentations rather than club presentations. Of course a down side of that is that individual clubs lose that intimate relationship that they currently enjoy with the people who visit as judges and guest speakers.
Rangiora has developed such wonderful friendships with so many highly thought of photographic specialists and I think that needs to be protected at all costs. The relationship that we enjoy with these people is absolutely invaluable in so many ways and we must not lose that.
There may however still be the opportunity to balance that by regions hosting speakers that individual clubs would not otherwise be exposed to and I also think that there is real value in that.
We constantly need to be reviewing what we do and how we do it to maintain vitality, relevance and freshness that is sustainable.
I would add that while finding needles in a haystack can be tricky, actually finding one is incredibly rewarding. One such person was Peter Latham who is based in the Coromandel and who will be speaking to us on the 7th of June.
Club Meeting – Tuesday the 7th of June 2016 – Guest Speaker Peter Latham
It really has been incredibly exciting talking to Peter over the last couple of months to get to the point where his visit to Rangiora is almost upon us. 
In addition to showing a collection of his beautiful landscape images captured throughout New Zealand, Peter will talk to us a bit about his journey in photography which started off from a 5 month bicycle/photography expedition, then a stint on cruise ships before returning to New Zealand and focusing on fine art landscape photography.
He will also talk to us about the gallery market and fine art photography in terms of what sells and what he looks for when capturing an image.
Peter is also known for his large projects and composite imagery and he will outline these to us.
I posted Peter’s bio on the Rangiora Photographic Society’s facebook page and so you can check there for more information about Peter.
I am incredibly appreciative and humbled by Peter travelling to North Canterbury to talk to us. While his visit will form part of a Southern photographic trip, he has planned that around RPS.
Having seen the images that he will be presenting and spoken to him on a number of occasions now I just know that you will thoroughly enjoy it.
Please book it in your diaries as this will be an evening not to be missed.

Club Chatter Edition # 133

May 2, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
A few years ago I visited Athens for 4 or 5 days and made a daily pilgrimage to Plaka, which sits just beneath the Acropolis and is a labyrinth of ancient streets and alley ways that are now the home to marketers and peddlers of anything touristy. 
There is an addictive vibrancy in the air and I used to love meandering around the many twists and turns and getting lost—which for one that is directionally dyslexic was not difficult in the least. 
Near Plaka there is an area that is absolutely dedicated to outdoor eateries and restaurants—a little like the restaurant mecca of Lygon Street in Melbourne – but ever so much more rustic. As is often the way in highly competitive fooderies in Europe the waiters stand outside the restaurant area and try to entice the throngs of passers by in—often offering free this or that and certainly theirs is the very best restaurant in all of Plaka and you will not find anywhere more price competitive. No such thing as the Fair Trading Act or Consumer Guarantees Act in Plaka.
On my first sojourn to Plaka I walked around all the restaurants looking at the menus posted on bulletin boards at the entrance ways and generally trying to avoid the eye and attention of the eager waiters who would pounce at the drop of a hat. 
I first met Giorgos on my second circle of the restaurants as he stood elegantly at the gate of a restaurant. Only his quiet nod and acknowledgment to the multitudes that passed gave it away that he was associated with the restaurant. 
He was a man in his mid forties, tall and impeccably dressed, slightly thinning salt and pepper hair brushed back, gold metal framed spectacles on his tanned face and with a smile that charmed and would no doubt capture the heart of any lady tourist – or a gay one for that matter.
He was the waiter in the restaurant but you would think that he was the owner he was so passionate about it and the food that would be created and served within.
I said to him that I was a very selective eater – and those of you who know about my ‘red food phobia’ will understand the dilemma that this causes—particularly when a tourist in a country known for its tomato dishes. 
Giorgos asked my name and I told him it was Richard. With meaning and focus he said; ‘Reeshard…..I will make a deesh a just for yuuu’. 
Well, how can you resist that and so it was that I dined in Giorgos’ restaurant and indeed dined there every night that I was in Athens.
Every time I walked up to the Restaurant Giorgos was there to meet me and would welcome me to the restaurant – ‘Ahhhhh Reeeshard….have yuuu come to dine here again my friend?’, and it was always Giorgos that waited upon me and certainly every meal was as though it was a ‘deesh a just for mee’. 
One evening I asked him about his background. Giorgos looked at me with that ‘it is what it is look’ and said, ‘Reeeshard I am a broken man. I trained as a chef in the famous keechens of Rhodes Island and once had my own restaurant….but you know the Greek condition eees nota good and so I lost every thing. Everything..you know. I lost a my restaurant, my wife and my famileee….and now I wait on tables….your table. I am a waiter.’
Giorgos wore his heart on his sleeve and regardless of what had happened to him he knew that it was more about what he did about it that really mattered the most. He also understood the value of people and relationships. This ‘beautiful man’ had carefully and genuinely built a relationship that ensured I would always go back and seek him out – to dine at his restaurant amongst the many at the foot of Plaka—the ‘neighborhood of the Gods.’ And I bet that he did that with every passing tourist. It was his way…the way of a broken man that refuses to be consumed by woe and sorrow.
The only free gift that Giorgos offered to me when I first met him was his endearing smile – no free litres of wine nor starters or breads – just a smile from man who said he was broken but would make a dish just for me.
It is always about the people and how people treat people and, you know, that is something that Rangiora Photographic Society also does extremely well.
But on with the blog…..

2016 Portraiture Results

April 20, 2016 RPS Competition Results



Results can be found here

Club Chatter Edition # 132

April 5, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Old Wives Tale’ by an author long since dead by the name of Arnold Bennett. The book was in fact written in 1908 and from all accounts is one of those famous English classics. 
The story covers the lives of two sisters from 1840 through to 1904 and one of the points that is made is that it matters not how we end up for we all end up the same. What is very important is what happens in the intervening years—the quality, goodness, the depth and breadth and very texture of our lives.
To be fair, I had never heard of the book or the author until I was reading another aged book by the name of ‘Testament of Youth’ that referenced the Bennett book and so I made a point to download it onto my kindle and read it.
One of the things that I absolutely love about this book is the fact that it was written over 100 years ago and captures the very essence of life as it was in the years from mid 19th century through to very early turn of the 20th.
The language and the way people expressed themselves, their dress, fashions, ideas about death, respectability, prejudices, the class structure and attitudes to different cultures, the food and the way they ate; all beautifully captured in the pages between two covers.
And why is that important? Fair question! 
Well Karl Marx said that knowing the past is key to knowing the future. But perhaps it’s more complex than that. Reflecting upon the oddities and peculiarities of life as it was is helpful to us to reflect upon the oddities and peculiarities of life as it currently is and to know that nothing stays the same.
So much of what we do as photographers is in fact documenting the life and times of our current world around us—creating a snapshot of the current state that future generations can look back on just as we look back at images taken 100 years ago and consider what life was like back in ‘the day’.
Doc Ross describes this as ‘capturing the essence of the human environment’, and we, as photographers, have an important role to play in doing just that. Check out http://www.gallery464.co.nz

Club Chatter Edition # 131

March 10, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Yes, it has been a while since I last put finger to key and tapped out an RPS Blog. Did you know that ‘Blog’ is a fusion of two words—Web and Log?
Since taking a sojourn from the daily habit of paid corporate employment I have found myself in the rather peculiar position of being even busier than I was previously but apparently that is to be expected. When suddenly confronted with a voluminous amount of time we go into a panic and proceed to fill every conceivable minute/hour with something that we perceive to be worthwhile thus justifying sitting behind a computer with a cup of coffee at the ready.
In my case, the ‘busyness’ has been doing a lot of writing and a fair amount of photography and on occasion both at the same time. All very exciting—particularly when material gets published.
Ahh yes, it is the life of the freelance writer and photographer for me—actually ‘free’ is the most appropriate part of that title; though there are two aspects to that as well. In the one sense the words that I tap out and the images I produce are apparently for free. In the other sense….I am at least free from the corporate drudgery and I have to say that is – to use an oft used term of mine – ‘wunderbar’.
But in any event, while all this excitement has been going on I have been quite neglectful in the RPS Blog front to the point where it now features prominently in my diary to get one done before the next club meeting. So the time is nigh.
Just as a matter of conversation I was trolling through shoeboxes of old film photographs the other day. (I’m not really sure what ‘the other’ day really means. Do you? I suppose it means any day other than today.) There were literally packets of these things and going through them was an interesting experience in embarrassment. What was I thinking when I carefully photographed that pinecone? What did I see in that bland piece of landscape, which had its horizon tilting to one side and was in any event badly over exposed? Why did I shoot that sky when there was nothing but…well sky with a tiny bird flying overhead and even the tiny dot of a bird appeared out of focus.
Needless to say those once coveted images so lovingly framed in the viewfinder that cost a dollar a pop were all dispatched to the recycling bin and I feel all the better for the experience of brutality.
But it did tell me a couple of things:
1.Thank goodness for digital and the digital trash can; and
2.My photography has improved over the last 20 years. Well thank goodness for that.
It is good to reflect upon where we started from and appreciate where we are now in terms of our development and remember also that the only person that you are really competing with is the person that you were 5 minutes ago.
But let’s gets this show on the road and complete the rest of the blog—if you are still with me.

Landscape 2016 Results

Results for the Landscape can be found here




Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon

February 25, 2016 External Competitions

Named in honour of a Christchurch Photographic Society member who was one of the pioneers of The Photographic Society of NZ, the Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape Salon is exclusively for pictures of the New Zealand landscape. Entrants can submit up to four images. More than 500 images were entered in 2015, and 86 received an award.


Responsibility for selecting the successful entries rotates between the North Island and South Island. For the first time, the task goes to Rotorua in 2016.  The Selection Panel will be chaired by outstanding Rotorua-based professional photographer, Tracey Robinson.


Club Chatter Edition # 130

January 18, 2016 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
We ended the 2015 RPS year on a high note with our ‘new look’ Final Night and I had meant to come back to you with one final ‘blog’ for the year to thank you for making Final Night so successful and wish you safe travels and a ‘Happy New Year’. As things are apt to happen, time just ran way with me but the thought was there nonetheless.
In terms of Final Night, I thought the format worked very well and it was fabulous to see you all looking so resplendent. You had all gone to so much trouble, which was reflected in the spirit and energy of the evening. Thank you.
It was also great that PSNZ President Murry Cave made the effort to attend our Final Night, an effort that was very much appreciated.
It is good to look at different ways that our Final Night can be presented and next year we may do something similar and perhaps the year after that we may look at something different. The key with these things is to always maintain freshness and vibrancy. I would be really interested in getting any further feedback from you about last years Final Night and hearing ideas that you may have for future Final Nights and how you think that it could be delivered.
For me, the year has started in a rather interesting way. After 35 years working for the same organization, albeit in different corporate structures, a restructure has meant that I am now officially looking for new opportunities. 
It feels kind of scary and kind of exciting all at the same time. Most days it feels like the restrictions of a birdcage have been removed but on some days it is like I am adrift in a large ocean with only a flutter board for security.
But to have the freedom to really explore what it is that you want to do when you ‘grow up’ is pretty amazing and it’s interesting to really understand what it is that I like doing most of all.
We spend so much of our time doing things because of perceived commitments; because it is expected of us; because we have always done it; because that is what I did yesterday and the day before; because it is easy and safe to stay doing the same thing….but what is it that you would really like to do? 
That is the question and for many of us in our heart of hearts we actually know….but never get to do or never have the courage to do.
For me, well I like relating to people, talking, telling stories, travelling and taking a photo or two.
So I think that I might become a travelling photographer and storyteller! What I do know is that it is going to be an exciting year, perhaps not without its little humps and bumps, but being part of RPS is really exciting because it does allow me to fulfill all the things that I love doing now. Very cool!
As I re-read and proof this blog before posting it, it occurs to me that there is another question to ask and that is, if you were released of all limitations or restrictions, what would you really like to do as a photographer and what sort of photography would you really like to do?
Perhaps that is something that we can all ponder over the course of the year as it unfolds.
It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Final Night 2015

November 29, 2015 RPS Competition Results
Here is a list of the results from our final night.




Club Chatter Edition # 129

November 15, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
One of the things that I love about our club is our eagerness to recognize and reward our fellow club members for finding opportunities to make use of their photographic skills and talents. 
Many years ago the tradition of acknowledging and rewarding members who had work published in magazines or newspapers with the presentation of a marshmallow chocolate fish was established at RPS.
From memory this has its origins with Kevin Bowie who used to keep a supply of the marshmallow treats close at hand – albeit wrapped in cellophane.
Then chocolatier’s extraordinaire, Graeme and Robyn Young, joined the RPS family and supplied us with their own version of these delightfully delectable and delicious treats for the distribution to members who have done wonderful things photographically outside of the club environment. Since then, Robyn and Graeme have hung up their aprons as chocolatiers but maintain a relationship with the new owners and so fortunately we can still enjoy the chocolatey nectar of the gods. 
The presentation of a chocolate fish is a very small and simple way to say well done in front of your peers.
While some people are certainly more prolific than others in collecting, and presumably eating, chocolate fish, I would encourage you all to find ways to get your work published or to think outside the club in terms of competitions etc.
There really are no rules around the eligibility of a chockie fish. It’s just a fun way of saying well done. So if you know of someone in the club who has earned one or indeed if you have done something to earn a chockie fish, please let me know. Do not be modest…..you have earned a reward and everyone will be proud of you.
I absolutely love dishing out the little chocolate treats but I must say that every time I do I look adoringly at the shiny milk chocolate contained in the cellophane packet and just imagine what one might taste like. I am reliably informed they are indeed quite mouthwateringly glorious to the taste buds.

Club Chatter Edition # 128

November 1, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
It’s a perfect day today. The sun is shining with not a cloud in the sky. The All Blacks have made history and I was up at the crack of dawn to watch the game and even managed to make a batch of pancakes along with streaky bacon, maple syrup, and bananas at half time.
I got a message from my brother who has lived in Holland for many years now to say that it made him feel proud to be a Kiwi, and you know, I thought while I was watching the game that these are the modern day equivalent to the Gladiators of ancient Rome. 
I can visualize a scene some several millennia in the future when future humanoids reside on a yet to be discovered distant planet and amongst their studies, because that’s all this future race does, they debate and dissect this violent ancestral behavior of playing sport that has long since been banished from physical practice.
Amongst the fiercest and most feared all those thousands of years ago were the mighty All Blacks from the tiny Island called New Zealand populated by a proud people called Kiwis. They took no prisoners and returned either carrying their shield or on it. Of course history will show that these ‘All Blacks’ were in fact completely black and 3 metres tall to boot and 15 men alone obliterated every other army there was. Ahhh…to be one of those warriors led by ‘The Claw’, as the capitaine was known!
It also made me think, I love our flag – and that is from someone who was once keen to see a more visually appealing design. 
But you know, everyone of those warriors on the playing field had a passion for what they did. Wouldn’t that be so cool? To do something that you were incredibly passionate about.
When presented with opportunities one must seize the day…carpe diem. Take the opportunity, take the chance, take the risk, click the shutter – make your own image! Make your own life!!

Calendar Opportunity

October 18, 2015 Notice Board
To RPS Secretary
From Steve Browne - Prepress Manager, Pakworld.

Club Chatter Edition # 127

October 18, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Richard’s reflections indeed. There are now only 3 club meetings left in the year, as well as the very long awaited trip to the Maniototo organized by the Boyd Cousins; Jo and Catherine. And that does cause reflection in terms of where the year has gone.
For me personally, the year has been absolutely choc-full of things that have entered and occurred during life’s journey that I would not have remotely foreseen at the start of the year. They have challenged me, excited me, inspired me and sometimes stressed me. I know that I will conclude the year all the richer for the experiences and can only wonder what next year might bring. Exciting.

Club Chatter Edition # 126

September 13, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Did you know that there are only 5 club meeting left till the end of the year.
The year has gone by so very quickly and yet our club programme has been really packed full of goodies. I really hope that you have enjoyed it so far this year and that you have been inspired, enriched, motivated and stretched in your journey as photographers. Actually above all, I really hope that you have had fun and that you have made some new friendships with fellow members. I know that I have.
We had our AGM last Tuesday and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I had in fact been looking forward to the AGM all day actually because it is so easy when you are delivering lots of positive messages. And there are so many positive things about our club.
This is my take on our club:
We are friends with a common passion
We help and support each other
We are willing to share knowledge
We are relaxed yet competitive
We want to grow and learn
We like to have a laugh
We are proud of our club and member successes
We recognise and reward success
We have strong and approachable leadership
We embrace each other’s differences
We build strong relationships
There was quite a good turn out this year too which is always encouraging. One of the things that we did differently this year was to show a slide show of all the Honours images that we have had this year. Simply outstanding is the only way I can describe these images. There is absolutely no comparison to the kind of imagery that our club might have produced 10 years ago to what it can produce now on a consistent and regular basis.
I also made a special mention of the RPS Committee. Each and every one of these people contribute to the running of our club and one of the things that really endears me to each and every one of them is there willingness to step up and to help each other succeed. 
Our committee for next year is:
PresidentRichard Loader
Vice PresidentHamish McGill 
SecretaryAlison Eng
TreasurerJoanne McDougall
CommitteeMalcolm Yorke
Catherine Boyd
Rinea Robson
Stuart Allan
John Miller
Shane Jones
Immediate Past PresidentSandra Fleet
Competition SecretaryAlan McDougall
I want to say thank you again to those people.

Club Chatter Edition # 125

August 16, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
On Thursday morning I woke up with a very bloodshot eye – and no, it was not the result of over imbibing. I had not slept particularly well the previous night and I guess that must have contributed to the problem.
Anyway, come Saturday morning the problem had not gone away and I thought that it might be a good idea to pop into the local chemist to see if they had any drops that I might be able to use that could clear the bloodshotness up.
It is amazing how you can consult an expert looking for help for a relatively simple matter and within a very short period of time believe that the end of the world was nigh.
I first saw the pharmacy assistant who felt that the matter was serious enough to involve the chemist who owned the shop. 
He asked a few questions and after a very short time felt that I might well be going blind and that I should immediately consult my GP or perhaps the optometrist might be the better option.
So while I entered the pharmacy unworried about the predicament; the full gravity of the situation unfolded and I seriously considered whether I would need to contact my partner to pick me up seeing as I might not be able to drive home – and indeed how difficult it would be to learn brail – not that you can drive by brail you understand – though some people do seem to. 
It also occurred to me that I had taken my last photograph – although some might say that I am Magoo behind the lens even now. But at least I had got 40 likes in my last Facebook post.
So with the resignation of impending blindness hanging over me like a black cloud I trotted off to the Optometrist where I was greeted by our very own Sarah Perrins. It was nice to see a familiar face given that it might have been one of the last faces that I was likely to see ever again. But after a quick check up by the optometrist I was reassured that I had nothing more serious than a burst blood vessel possibly caused while blowing my nose. 
Isn’t it amazing how life can change so rapidly! Even more concerning that we can take on board the doom and gloom expressed by others as though what they have to say is actual reality.
Anyway – it did remind me of Melissa Jemmet’s talk to us a few meetings ago about valuing our eyesight and making the most of every opportunity we have to use our cameras.
By the way, I did establish that there is an organization called the Blind Photographers Society – so all would not have been lost.

Club Chatter Edition # 124

July 28, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Richard’s Reflections
Every few months the Canterbury Presidents and VP’s get together to share insights and thoughts and generally see how we can help each other.
One of the things that we recently did was to reflect on how we might describe our clubs in terms of the spirit of the membership – I suppose this could broadly be defined as the ‘heart’.
One of the many ways that I would describe our club is ‘engaged’. Talking with you at club nights – whether that’s up the front on my soapbox or just chewing the fat with someone, I always feel engagement. I just love it.
And there are so many of you who are engaged in club activities in one way or another; organising things, running things, doing things, helping with things, actively participating in things.
Our last club meeting was the judging of the 2nd Open Competition by Adair Wilson There were so many amazing images that night - regardless of whether they got an award on the night or not. As I watched them appear on the screen and listened to Adair’s comments I wondered just how the photographer got that image – what was in the photographers mind, what were they seeing that I might not have seen if I was there and what did the photographer have to do – both at the point of data collection and post production to end up with that stunning image.
And so it was that after the meeting I was discussing this very thing with Sarah Perrins and it came up that it would be really cool to have an evening where people showed before and after images and discussed what they did to end up with the finished result.
We all have different photographic skills and abilities and so much can be learned from each other just by listening, engaging with each other and soaking up that knowledge. From that point of view we all become the tutors and the students and there are strong benefits to both. 
I am a huge believer in involving as many people as possible in the process of coaching, guiding and learning so that we all have an opportunity to engage with camera craft.
Whether we do this as dedicated evening session or whether we build it into our normal club programme so that perhaps two or three members share their ‘before and afters’ each club night I am not sure and I would be really interested in your thoughts on that.
Engagement is the key and it is something that our club already does incredibly well.
Now, there is a lot going on over the next few weeks – so read on:

Club Chatter Edition # 123

July 5, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Goodness, it seems ages since my last blog and indeed it has been ages.
As I write this I am very mindful that many of you will be enjoying the mid winter field trip at Hanmer that Catherine Boyd has worked so hard to organize. 
I was up relatively early this morning and went for a bike ride to Waikuku and while my little fingers were nearly falling off with frostbite it was clear the day was going to be absolutely outstanding in Hanmer. I am really sorry that I could not have been with you on this trip but I am determined to make the next one in Otago.
I know that Catherine will be suitably thanked for her efforts at some point during the trip, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Catherine too. It takes a lot of effort and organizational skill to put a trip like this together for everyone to enjoy and while there is significant satisfaction in seeing everyone have a great time and enjoy the fruits of labour, it is also exhausting. Proud of you Catherine…you just get on with the task and do it.

RPS vs New Brighton

June 12, 2015 External Competitions

On Tuesday evening, 9th June, we hosted our annual competition with New Brighton.

And what a delightful evening it was with a good turnout from both clubs at each end of the track.

Frank Green was the judge and provided interesting critiques on each image.



Club Chatter #122

May 28, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Building and repairing business relationships is a part of what my day job is. 
These days we often hear about ‘what gets us out of bed in the mornings?’. It is a bit of a cliché. But apart from my alarm, which is in the form of annoying ducks quacking on my iPhone, what gets me out of bed is in fact people relationships and the challenge of turning a querulous complainant into a firm advocate.
With this thought in mind as I drove home from work this evening I got to thinking about the many relationships we have and enjoy as part of our camera club. Building on those relationships is also important to me.
The delivery of our club programme is so reliant on the generosity of our judges and guest speakers who give up their time so willingly, not only to come and talk to us and deliver their critiques at club nights, but also the hours they spend in preparation.
Then there are those that provide the backbone of weekend workshops and tutorials.
People like Dave Wethey, Stefan Roberts, Doc Ross, Frank Green, Ian Smith and Scott Fowler to name but a very few come quickly to mind. These people come back to us year after year and have become not just friends of the club, but strong advocates for what we are trying to achieve here.

Landscape Results 2015

Results for the 2015 Lanscape competition can be found here




Club Chatter Edition # 121

May 16, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
I arrived home from work one evening last week after enduring the usual achingly painful caravan from Addington to Rangiora to find an interestingly large package at my doorstep. 
It turned out to be a belated birthday gift from my brother who lives in Holland….he was therefore forgiven that it was belated – and in fact more than that – given that we seldom exchange gifts it was quite the unexpected treat.
On opening the package I discovered the most beautifully bound and very large book on Jimmy Page – most notable as the guitar virtuoso of The Yardbirds and of course the very one and only Led Zeppelin.
Contained within the lavish pages of this book is a treasure trove of full page images, and many of them in black and white. 
Seeing these images first of all pulled at my heart strings as it made me think back to not so long ago when I would spend every weekend at the absolutely famous Al’s Bar in Christchurch shooting bands and then spend the rest of the week labouriously processing the images.
But it also made me think about Black and White Photography. In my view, black and white imagery communicates like no other form of photographic media. Think about some of the early horror flicks and of course Hitchcocks ‘Psycho’ is the classic. Whereas slasher films like the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise relied on shock, horror and blood splatter tactics, ‘Psycho’ relied upon suspense and lighting. ‘Casa Blanca’ would be another example – where all the human emotions were told with varying shades of light.
Looking through the images of Jimmy Page, the seriousness, the intensity, the genius and the charismatic performance of the guitarist himself is told through the use of light and dark and all the shades in between and of course the natural grain of the film. I don’t need colour or indeed sound to be transported into the image itself – I am there.
And so that is of course the lead in to reminding you that our own Black and White competition closes midnight this Tuesday. If you have not already got your images in now is the time. Tell a story, create magic, scare the pants off us through your own black and white creativity.
I can also tell you that we have secured an excellent judge for this competition but more about that in the next edition of ‘Chatter’.
Read on for further club notices.

Compromise, Adapting and Light

For those of you who don’t know already Bec and I have embarked on a new adventure around New Zealand. We heard too many people say in later years that they regretted doing this or doing that or spending their earnings on frivolous rubbish so we decided to sell up everything and do what we want to do…..NZ here we come! What have we done you may ask, well, we’ve sold (or still in the process of selling) our house on 1 acre of land, brought an eight meter caravan, new truck to tow it with and a back yard of 268,000 square kilometres to explore :-)
On the 16th March 2015 we hitched the van to the truck and got to the end of the drive. I’d love to say that we simply said which way and tearfully waved goodbye to our house of twelve years….but Bec and I are very practical people so that wasn’t going to happen! Instead, we knew that we were heading to a DOC site called Orari Gorge just outside of Geraldine and after a couple of weeks we would head to Mount Cook. I know, it does lose a little bit of romance being so practical but towing an eight meter caravan and manoeuvring to a location takes some thinking about and knowing the route makes life a lot easier!
That’s enough background, as these are ramblings for a photography club then I should get to the photographic part! These are my observations/learnings over the first few weeks of our travels: -

Club Chatter Edition # 120

May 3, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
I was on holiday over the Christmas period at a place called Riversdale Beach, which is about 2 hours from Wellington.  It is just a perfect place for swimming, surfing, fishing and diving – and a bit of photography to boot.
It had been a really busy year at work and the thought of returning to the office was not the most attractive thing when compared to the idyllic location that Sandi and I were enjoying.
But then I came across one of those usual ‘back to work blues’ type articles that attempts to prepare those in ‘servitude and slavery’ for the inevitable return to the grindstone and whip.
While typically cynical about these articles obviously written by people who are not in servitude, one of the comments really did resonate with me. It was something along the lines of rediscovering or defining your sense of purpose in terms of what you do and whether this aligns with your personal values.
In reflecting about that, I returned to work with a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm, which so far has not left me.
But it also struck me that discovering a sense of purpose for our photography is a vital ingredient in finding success as a photographer.
By defining our purpose as a photographer, particularly if we can align that with our personal values or what really gets us excited about our world we have a far greater opportunity of achieving that purpose.  Couple this with the power of visualization to conceptualize how we picture success then we really have a pretty powerful set of tools.
One of my objectives this year for RPS is to find guest speakers who have a very definite sense of purpose and who can inspire us to find our own sense of purpose.
So keep reading to hear about this weeks Guest Speaker -  Glen Howey.

Club Chatter Edition # 119

April 19, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
It’s only been a few weeks since I got back into the ‘pilots seat’ at RPS but I have to tell you that I am really loving the challenges and opportunities that come with the role of el Presidente.
For me, RPS is as much about the people as it is about photography – building friendships and relationships with fellow members – embracing each other’s differences and learning from each other. It is about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously – but at the same time taking our passion for photography seriously. 
Of course this relationship building extends to our wider community too. We are so reliant upon the good will of judges, guest speakers and others who give so willingly of their time to help us master our craft and art. We have developed such a great reputation for making people feel special and I think that in part is what attracts so many new members to our cub.
There are so many of you that I will not know very well yet and I would really encourage you to say hi so that I can get to know you and understand what it is about photography that you love and how we can deliver more of what you want from the club.
Please do not hesitate to drop me a line if there is something on your mind by emailing me at president@rangioraphotosoc.org.nz. I would love to hear from you.
There are quite a few notices to get out in this blog so lets leave it at that for now and get the show on the road.

David Oliver - The Human Connection and the Love of the Land

April 14, 2015 Notice Board
When: Wed 22 Apr 2015, 10:00am–5:00pm
Where:Linton Photography, Unit 2, 16 Bernard Street, Addington, Christchurch City
Follow link for booking details
Oliver's Twist on the Human Connection and the Love of the Land
The NZIPP is thrilled to bring you David Oliver - World Renowned Photographer, Nikon Master and Australian Grand Master of Photography!
David's landscape work is held in the highest of regard amongst many a photographer and art collector. His famous image of Balmoral in an early morning mist won him Photographer of the Year at WPPI the world photography competition. David has been flown all over the world teaching his methods and sharing his photographic story capturing images of the places he visits along the way. Alongside his landscape work and numerous Landscape and Portrait Workshops David also runs a busy Portrait and Wedding studio in Sydney with his daughter Clare.



Club Chatter # 118

April 4, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
I was on a coaching course quite recently and we learned all about the ‘learning journey’, which consists of 4 primary states:
1.Unconscious incompetence – where you don’t know what you don’t know – or how to do something.
2.Conscious incompetence – where you know you don’t know something or how to do something and it bothers you.
3.Conscious competence – where you know what you know or how to do something but it takes a bit of effort.
4.Unconscious competence – where you know what you know or how to do something and it is effortless.
The ‘coach’ in this course used the example of learning to drive. 
Of course, I could relate to this so well having recently driven in France. I realized that we would be driving on the right hand side of the road but assumed that was the only difficulty I would encounter. How wrong I was. 
Firstly, most rental cars in Europe are manual transmissions and so right there you have a difficulty because you have to change gears using a hand that has never changed gears before in all its driving life.
But the fun/stress starts with actually turning the car on and getting it to move – and for some inexplicable reason European car manufacturers make this experience as complex and frustratingly painful as possible and believe you me the rental car people are not helpful in this regard either.
Having finally started the car you gingerly venture off with your right hand firmly on the gear stick only to realize that there are spatial awareness issues as you become perilously close to the right hand curbs – though unaware of this until you actually hit the curb and become airborne.
Then of course you have narrow cobblestone roads that were really meant for donkeys and wheel barrows – and certainly not motor cars with Kiwi drivers – and all this time you are dodging and burning pedestrians that pop out of nowhere, beggars lying on the side of the road, other motorists who have no sense of pity for the tourist and road signs and traffic lights that just materialize. Lets forget looking at any of the beautiful and historic beauty.
So having driven for 35 odd years – I suddenly found myself shifting from the uncomfortable position of unconscious competence to unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence in the spate of a nano second. 

Club Chatter Edition # 117

March 27, 2015 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations
Well, this is my first ‘blog’ since taking ownership of the Club Presidents role
– ‘el presidente’ rides again perhaps.
Blogging has become a bit of a ‘dirty word’ in recent times through various political events – conjuring up images of a shady character sitting in a darkened room with a cigarette hanging out of one side of his mouth, coffee stains down his shirt and a glass of Tui Ale at his side while thumping out all sorts of contentious accusations. But I digress…and this is not one of those blogs.
It feels good to be behind the ‘bloggers’ keyboard though, tapping out the various messages that help to broadcast the clubs many activities to you. And so I will endeavor to send ones and zeroes through the ether that magically gather collectively to make some kind of intelligent and interesting sense.
We have important messages to share about the Battle of the Projected Images and The Creative Arts Exhibition. So – lets get this show on the road…

Photoshop Masterclass

March 14, 2015 Notice Board
Palmerston North
13th & 14th June 2015

Club Chatter Edition # 116

March 1, 2015 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Field Trip Review / National Convention / Guest Speaker / Facebook / Photo Tour / Online Challenge / Interclub / Programme


It may have been a dreary day weather-wise but it didn’t stop about 25 RPS members having fun on our field trip day to Ashburton last Sunday 22 February.

We arrived at the Ashburton Aviation Museum where Rod, Bob, Dick, Mary and others from AAM provided us with morning tea and a really interesting history on how the museum was formed, how they source the aircraft and of course the aircraft themselves. Thank you guys.


Club Chatter Edition # 115

February 14, 2015 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Club Night / Field Trip / External Comps / Judging Tuition / NATEX / Landscape Comp

May roses and chocolates have been the order of the day for you. Have a guess at how many valentine cards are sent each year in the US, and the average-spend.

External and Interclub Competitions 2015

February 14, 2015 External Competitions
There are a number of External Competitions which PSNZ affiliated clubs can enter, as well as competitions that RPS hold against other clubs.

First up this year is the Battle of Projected Images (BOPI) on 31st March, earlier in the year than usual.  The genre is Open. Please send images for selection by 28th February – email a low res copy to rpsadmin@rangioraphotosoc.org.nz

This will be closely followed by the Bledisloe Cup so you could also select for that at the same time. This is also an Open competition and is a print competition. Please send images for selection by 28th February – email a low res copy to rpsadmin@rangioraphotosoc.org.nz.  If one of your images is selected we will contact you for a hi-res version which the club will print and mat.


Club Chatter Edition # 114

February 8, 2015 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Grand Launch / Opening Night / Field Trips / Local Photo Comp / RPS Comps

Waitangi weekend, a time to reflect on our history where 175 years ago Hone Heke was the first Maori to sign the Treaty. Although his name is listed fourth on the Treaty, Heke left gaps for three more important Maori Chiefs to sign above him. And did you know he never cut down the flagpole at Russell - he sent others to chop it down.

RPS Day Trips 2015

February 8, 2015 Field Trips
John Miller is our Day Trip Organiser for 2015, and he has put together these exciting trips for us.
Details for each trip will be posted in the Calendar.

Field Trip to Lake Brunner

January 29, 2015 Field Trips

LAKE BRUNNER FIELD TRIP           20/22 MARCH 2015

Registrations are now open for the first Field Trip of 2015.



Registrations to Catherine Boyd rpsadmin@rangioraphotosoc.org.nz  or if you wish to discuss your requirements please call me on 03 7459111 (Rangiora exchange) or 021 2133713.

Please provide

·         names of attendees

·         cottage or cabin

·         Your phone number

I will then get back to you with room allocations and exact costs.

A deposit of 50% will be required mid February and the balance by 3rd March.

We need to confirm the accommodation before 14th February so your prompt response is imperative.

We will be staying at the Lake Brunner Country Motels.   http://www.lakebrunnermotel.co.nz/

The programme for the weekend will be arranged by Hamish McGill and is currently under development. The area is rich in photographic opportunities for a number of genres and as always there will be fine fellowship to be enjoyed.


Club Chatter Edition # 113

January 23, 2015 Club Chatter

Happy New Year!

In this Club Chatter:  Grand Launch / Opening Night / Online Challenge / 2015 Programme / Changes to Competition Rules


Turkey, ham, pavlova, fireworks, sandflies, Mt Cook at midnight, Clay Cliffs, relaxation, The Hobbit, friends, and family – words that spring to my mind when thinking about my past few weeks. You may share some of those words, or have a completely different set that describes your Xmas, New Year and any holidays. Regardless, I hope it was fantastic for you.


Club Chatter Edition # 112

December 6, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Thank you / Winners / NZ Camera Talk / Online Challenge / Competitions & Programme / Season’s Wishes

Another sun sets on a year of Fun, Friendship and Photography at the Rangiora Photographic Society.

Club Chatter Edition # 111

November 14, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: PIPY / Final Night / Club Night / Wildlife Speaker / Printing Class / Competition Rules


Not a lot of chatter from me this week folks, other than some reminders.

PIPY – entries close this Tuesday 18th November at midnight.


Club Chatter Edition # 110

November 2, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Club Night / Exhibition / Final Night Invitations / RPS Final Night


With Show Day just around the corner it signals that we’re close to year-end.

About Show Day: with the official establishment of European settlement in Canterbury in 1850, the province set about establishing itself on a rural economy, and in English tradition annual displays of horticulture and agriculture commenced at various locations around the region. After a few years the Canterbury Pastoral Association was formed and in 1862 the inaugural A&P Show was held in a paddock on Armagh Street, just north of Latimer Square.


CPS Final Night 2014

November 1, 2014 Notice Board
The Christchurch Photographic Society invitation to their Final Night.
Held on Saturday 6th December, at Riccarton Community Church.

Club Chatter Edition # 109

October 18, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  RPS Exhibition / Local Exhibition / Club Night / Competitions / Final Night


This weekend is all about our Exhibition, so I’m just going to jump straight into that. Well almost, I couldn’t help myself; I had to come up with some small titbit of information, so here’s what I found.

The oldest exhibition in the world, i.e. longest visitor attraction to be on show is The Line of Kings at the Tower of London. The first display was held in 1660 and the original aim was to display the king’s armour and weapons, thus reminding subjects of the power of the crown. Click if you want to see/read more about this display.


Club Chatter Edition # 108

September 26, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Daylight Saving / Convention / Wigs on the Lawn / Show Time / Workshops / Competitions


It is Spring Time!  And this weekend we ‘Spring Forward’ with Daylight Savings. For those going to the workshop on Sunday, it is especially important to remember to put your clocks forward before you go to bed on Saturday night.

So how long has DST (Daylight Savings Time) been in existence? Have a guess before you read on.


Club Chatter Edition # 107

September 14, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Galleries / Condolences / Club Night / Competitions / Exhibition / Southern Regional / AGM & Committee

I had a call a few days ago from a member of the public who wants some photos taken in a workplace for a website they are developing. The woman looked through the galleries on the RPS website and one set displayed the type of images that she felt represented what she was looking for. A call to me and I had the member get in touch, and it all goes from there.

Club Chatter Edition # 106

August 29, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

IIn this Club Chatter: RPS are Winners / Food / Portfolio / September Events / CPS Exhibition / Final Night


So many exciting things to talk about, where do I start?  As Rodgers and Hammerstein said 49 years ago with Do-Re-Mi, let’s start at the very beginning.


Day Trip - Pick N Mix

August 21, 2014 Field Trips

A Pick n Mix of events to choose from, or choose all:

1) Botanic Gardens — 9.00am — meet at Armagh Street carpark

2) The Salt of the Earth — screens 11.45am — Hoyts Northland (last day Sunday)

3) World Press Photo Exhibition —  3.30pm — University of Canterbury (also last day Sunday)

Details on each of the choices:

Portraiture Results

August 18, 2014 RPS Competition Results
2014 Portraiture Results
The results for the Portraiture competition can be seen  here

Club Chatter Edition # 105

August 17, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Exhibition Entry Deadline Extended / New Brighton Battle / Botanic Gardens / Quiz Night / Online Challenge / AGM


At the risk of sounding like a broken record — we need your entries!

Both the Exhibition and the Salon need a boost so please, just do it. You have the talent.

The deadline for Entries to the Exhibition is now extended to Saturday 23 August. (But that will be it as we have a catalogue and a photo book to put together which both take time.) Refer back to emails for details.

The Salon also closes 23 August (no extensions to that date).


Hokitika Field Trip

August 5, 2014 Field Trips
Greetings and Salutations

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to register for our third and final field trip of the year to be held over Labour Weekend, 24 - 27 October 2014, in and around the Wild West Coastal town of Hokitika.

This is one of my most favourite places in all of New Zealand and very much reminds me of a delicious selection of the most mouth watering sweets - all individually wrapped and bursting with those most typically kiwi flavours - and you are all invited to lovingly unwrap those sweets, admire their shape and texture and then savour their flavours. Lets look at the sweet packet and see what sorts of delights you might sample over the three days that you will have in this land of bush, ocean, lakes, arts, artifacts and people.


Club Chatter Edition # 104

July 26, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Committee / Southern Regional Convention / Busy August Programme / Workshops & Photo Tours / Portfolio


Firstly – this Tuesday is the 5th Tuesday of July, so no club night.

Secondly, well done to Carl Street for placing Second in the Landscape section of the D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year. With 5,783 entries, to be one of only 21 winners was a fantastic result.


Moeraki Mid-Winter field trip - Review

July 20, 2014 Field Trips
Intro from El Presidente - The following is the trip review from Colleen Linnell. I re-iterate the tremendous work the Linnell's did in organsing this trip, and with them being so new to the club, having only been on one field trip prior to this! Well done guys.
Friday July 11th saw 37 of us off for our annual Mid - Winter Field trip this year at Moeraki in North Otago.

Club Chatter Edition # 103

July 9, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Club Night / Survey / Salon / Invitations / Programme Changes / Visit Waimak Fun

Firstly and most deservedly, a huge congratulations to Steve Lloyd for winning the Tauranga AV salon.  His ‘Wedding Day’ audio-visual also took out the Documentary category. For those who recall, this was the winning entry in our AV competition last year. Putting an AV together takes a lot of hard work, long hours, agonising over the right music; so to have a winning entry in a national competition is something that Steve can be very proud of.

Club Chatter Edition # 102

June 27, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Guest Speaker / Competitions / Salon / Call for Images / Exhibition / Workshop

The Moeraki Mid-winter field trip is now only two weeks away, as I write this, and I can’t wait. I still feel robbed with having to return home early from the Arthur’s Pass trip last year having broken my ankle on the Friday night. This year I intend to stay the whole weekend!

Landscape Results

The results for the 2014 Landscape competition hane be found here




Club Chatter Edition # 101

June 13, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Hanmer review / Condolences / Interclub / Nature Photographic Exhibition / Club Night / Competitions / Camera Craft

My last chatter quoted that there is no such thing as bad weather, just different kinds of good weather. You may feel differently about that positive spin, as no doubt many of you who live in North Canterbury were affected by the floods in one form or another this week.  I hope not too badly.

Photojournalism Results

The results for the 2014 photojournalism competition can be found here




Club Chatter Edition # 100

May 31, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Club Night / Hanmer Springs Day Trip / Battle of Projected Images

Wow, our 100th Club Chatter; I wonder if we’ll get a letter from Her Majesty?

Day Trip - Hanmer Springs - Sunday 8 June

May 31, 2014 Field Trips

We all love Hanmer; such an ideal place to spend a few hours with our cameras.

Carl Thompson will be our guide to the Acheron area and also St James Woolshed.

Club Chatter Edition # 99

May 17, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Repeat images in Comps / U18 Comp / Show Time / Workshop / Survey / Field Trips

Members always ask great questions and this one I thought I would share, especially with newer members — “Can I enter the same image again into the (formal) competitions?

Moeraki Mid-Winter field trip

May 14, 2014 Field Trips
Date of Trip: Friday 11th to Sunday 13th July.

Registrations closed: Sunday 25th May

For late consideration, contact the trip organiser ASAP.


Photographic Workshops

This page provides links to workshops on photography.
If you become aware of any interesting and worthwhile workshops, please let the committee know.

Set Subject results

Up Close and Personal




Club Chatter Edition # 98

May 3, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Creative Arts / Show Time / Photo Call / Field Trips


Our members never cease to amaze me. Each year at either Creative Arts or our own RPS Exhibition I think “What a wonderful set of images. Somehow better than last year which I thought was great, it can’t get better than this.” And then it does, and the Prosser Quirke Creative Arts 2014 has done just that.

Firstly a huge congratulations to Sandra Hobbs with her ‘Hobnail Boots’, shown above, that took out Best Photo and Premier Artwork for the whole exhibition. Just fantastic.


Website Links & Online Learning

April 25, 2014 Tutorials & Useful Stuff

This page is for links to photographic websites and online learning that may be of interest. If you know of any sites that should be shared, email the link to the President for consideration.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Scott Kelby - every photographer's home should have at least one of Scott's books, as well as the knowledge from this website.

- - - - - - - - - - -


Dawn Shoot - 4th May

April 24, 2014 Field Trips
at Taylors Mistake.

This location provides amazing opportunities for photographing brilliant sunrises.

We will meet at 6.30am, in the car park at Taylors Mistake.

Link to map of the area.



Competition Results Natural History

April 15, 2014 RPS Competition Results
Here are the results for the 2014 Natural History competition.

Club Chatter Edition # 97

April 12, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter:  Wainui Field Trip /  Dawn Shoot  /  Presentation of prints

What a great weekend at Wainui. Before I get to details of the trip, many thanks to our Trip Organisers, Eric and Hillary, who ensured we had plenty of options on what to do while there. Also thanks those who helped with various activities, namely Brenda and Norm, Nick and Lisa, Janey, and Kate. Plus all the helpers in the kitchen, and everyone who chipped in and cleaned up before we left. Well done.

Creative Arts Exhibition 2014

March 31, 2014 Exhibitions

Creative Arts Exhibition 2014 – Sponsored by Prosser Quirke

The exhibition is now getting BIGGER!

All members will be able to enter up to SIX photos in the Creative Arts Exhibition, up from our previous limit of 2. Not only that, but we will only charge you entry fees on the first 4. The new venue at the Borough School allows more flexibility, so this year we are going to go for it. The only limit to this is our ability to physically mount them on our display boards, but this year we will be using all our boards and we encourage you to provide easels for the bigger prints.

Club Chatter Edition # 96

March 30, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Creative Arts! / International Interclub / Competitions

Thanks to the New Brighton Photographic Society for a fun day at Orana Park. The weather was great and thankfully the animals didn’t run and hide when faced with an entourage of long lenses! In fact the Zebra came trotting over to provide some closer shots, something that never happens when I go out there on my own.

ENC - Visit Waimakariri Photo Call

March 26, 2014 Notice Board
Enterprise North Canterbury – Visit Waimakariri have approached RPS for the supply of images to be used for the promotion of Waimakariri.
This exciting proposal will give our photographers the opportunity to have images published and it will also raise funds for our club.
All images published will carry the photographer’s name so this is a great opportunity to really get your name out there.
Images must be taken in the Waimakariri District.
You can submit up to 10 images before 15th May.
What You Need to Do
Read: The ENC -VW Brief below
Capture:  Get your images - from your archives or fresh from your camera
Title: Content or Location and your last name and initials eg Warren Park - CJ Boyd
Email: Send a low res copy to rpsadmin@rangioraphotosoc.org.nz
What Happens After Closing Date
A selection of 80 - 100 images will be submitted to ENC - VW and from these 20 - 30 images will be chosen for their stock library
We will then require the hi-res versions for the successful images.
This process should be completed by the middle of June.
If you have any questions or need help please contact me directly - Catherine Boyd - Ph 021 2133713 or 7459111 (Rangiora) or email

1st Open Results

March 18, 2014 RPS Competition Results
 Here are the results for the 2015 1st Open competition.

Club Chatter Edition # 95

March 14, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Club Night / Membership / Competitions

For those who braved the stormy weather to attend our last club night — it was one of the best. Firstly we had Rob Brydon present the project from his mentoring year with Dave Wethey, who was also in attendance. It was a privilege and very moving to go behind the scenes to see Rob’s daily battles with kidney disease. He captured those moments perfectly and to both Rob and Dave, well done.

Photographic Tours & Workshops on Location

March 14, 2014 Tutorials & Useful Stuff

RPS are approached from time-to-time asking us to advise our members about photographic tours and/or workshops that are held on location.

Many are being held by people who have been involved with the club, mostly as judges or guest speakers. On occasion a member may have been involved or seen something of interest to pass on to fellow members.

club Chatter Edition # 94

March 2, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: GIMP / Club Night / Date Change for Field Trip / Competition Information

I recently used my Fly Buys points to subscribe to D-Photo magazine and in the latest issue (#58) they have an article about GIMP which is a free, let me put that in upper case — FREE — image editing program.

Club Chatter Edition # 93

February 15, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Guest Speaker / Competitions / Workshop

You know how some people’s names are interesting; and that triathletes are clearly named on front and back; well this was the actual name of this Australian athlete.

It was an interesting few hours getting around the course to different vantage points for the swim, cycle and run legs. I couldn’t believe how fast the swimmers were, only just managing to run from the start to the finish of the swim leg before they arrived on the beach. And I had some very weary leg muscles the next day or two!

Club Chatter Edition #92

February 2, 2014 Club Chatter

Hi everyone

In this Club Chatter: Opening Club Night / First Competition / Workshop 23 February


Grand Launch - Soar & Sear

What a cracker day to kick off the club year. Summer finally arrived, fluffy clouds in blue skies, and hardly a breath of wind — I almost felt like I was back in Wellington! Of course, when you want to fly kites you need a bit of wind. Thankfully we had Wendy ‘Weather Goddess’ Best work her magic and we got enough wind to get those kites up. (Well almost, eh Martin).


Field Trips for 2014

January 29, 2014 Field Trips

Greetings and Salutations

It is my pleasure to outline the three weekend field trips that are scheduled for this year and to call for registrations for the first of those trips. The trips are:

  1.  Wainui — Banks Peninsula — Friday 4th to Sunday 6th April
  2.  Moeraki — Otago Coast — Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of July
  3.  Hokitika — West Coast — Friday 24th to Monday 27th of October

Club Chatter Edition # 91

January 19, 2014 Club Chatter

In this Club Chatter: 2014 Programme / Changes to Competition Rules / Membership / PSNZ Competitions


Hi everyone

Yes, another ‘Plog’ so soon, but there’s a couple more changes to tell you about and there just wasn’t enough room in last week’s Club Chatter.


Before we get to those, I’ve started testing that old ankle of mine by doing some forest walks. Well there are only so many shots of a bush robin you can take — on the forest floor, up on the ancient moss-covered log, in the puddle — before their showmanship gets tiresome and you want to try something a bit different. Since it was a bit dark and therefore I could have a pretty slow shutter speed, I tried the old ‘zoom as the shutter is open’ trick.

Now as I didn’t have my tripod I missed getting a clear focus point, but for those that haven’t tried it, you get the idea and it was fun playing. Warning – looking at too many of these images in a row, or for too long, can make you feel really giddy!


RPS Exhibition 2014

January 19, 2014 Exhibitions

The RPS Exhibition "The Magic of Light" will be held on 18th & 19th October 2014.

Opening Night will be on Friday 17th October - this is a splendid night of celebration as we present our works to Club Members and invited guests.



All members are invited to submit images for display at the Exhibition and all images should be for sale. 

It is a great thrill to see all the images on display and very exciting for those people who make a sale. 

In fact several members made multiple sales of their images last year - big smiles all round!




Club Chatter Edition # 90

January 11, 2014 Club Chatter
In this Club Chatter: Grand Launch / Opening Night / First Competition / Online Challenge / Youth Awards / 2014 Programme

What have I been up to? Just hanging about waiting for the new RPS year to start!

My first Blog. What a strange word—blog. Where did it come from? Well, about the time the US government was developing computer communications that would much later become the internet, a famous Captain used a Log to record his travels. I am of course talking about James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise with the star dates and entries he put into his Captain’s Log—or should it have been called a Clog?


Club Chatter Edition # 89

January 4, 2014 Club Chatter

I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, with your cameras out capturing all of the precious moments.

Well the holidays are over for me, back to work tomorrow (boo!), but good news is the RPS year is about to get started again (yay!), it seem like yesterday I was strapping on my six shooter and heading out to the RPS final night which was an amazing event.


Photo by Michele Cahill

I would like to thank the organisers of the final night, you guys did an incredible job and created a final night that will go down in the RPS annals as one of the best so far! The final night committee was:

Final Night Awards

December 14, 2013 Notice Board
2013 Final Night Awards List
30th November 2013

Club Chatter Edition # 88

October 13, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Wow what a weekend of weather! I hope you all got out yesterday and got some great photos of the amazing lightning on Saturday, I know I was out there, alas I didn’t get the shot I was looking for, very hard to capture lightning during day time. What I did get was a hell of a fright as the lightning struck the tree line I was standing beside, I could hear the electricity running through the trees, it was one of the moments that was thrilling and scary at the same time. I had the shutter open at the time of the lightning strike but it didn’t show in the photo because there was a bit too much light around. It would have been good if it was at night time.

It then started to rain, so if you can image me out there in the pouring rain thinking to myself “how do I keep the rain off the lens”, well in a moment of shear brilliance I thought to myself “an umbrella’. I was most of the way back to the camera with my lightning rod, when my brain kicked into gear and I decided that an umbrella in a lightning storm wasn’t best idea I have ever had.

Club Chatter Edition # 87

September 30, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Sorry about being a day late with this blog, I know that many of you would have been waiting with baited breath by your computers and cell-phones for the latest news from RPS, I can only imagine your disappointment when the blog didn’t arrive. I just hope you were all able to sleep and didn’t worry about me too much.

My photo this week is of a couple of swallows who have decided that Tuahiwi is the “in” place to be and have started building a nest in our wood shed. I have spent my entire photographic career (all four years of it) trying to get a great shot of swallows in flight. The problem with these little blighters is that they are so damned quick.

Club Chatter Edition # 86

September 16, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Just a real short blog tonight to keep everyone in the loop with upcoming events, more of a newsletter really.

I will include one of my photos for you and the image I have chosen is one of a set I did last year. I am keen to go out and have a bit more of a play with this technic, so if anyone is keen to come along just let me know, the more the merrier and the more people we have the easier it is to control the fires (just joking).

Coming up…….

Club Chatter Edition # 85

September 2, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

It is hard to believe it was only a couple of weeks ago I was away on holiday, it seems like a life time ago, fortunately I have the photos of the holiday to look at which remind me of the great time I had and brings back that wonderful feeling you have when on holiday.


While I have a good number of shots from our holiday, I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed with myself, while there I found myself falling into the old  trap of saying things like “there is no point taking photos today because the light is all wrong” and other such rubbish.

Holiday photos are not for competitions, they are taken for two reasons. One is the simple joy of getting behind the camera and snapping away on the shutter button till your heart’s content and secondly to remind you of that moment or place which made you excited to be on holiday when you get back to the day to day grind of home.


Club Chatter Edition # 84

August 18, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Well Michele and I are back from our overseas adventure, we spent two and a half weeks in Phuket chilling out and enjoying just having nothing to do and no place to be.

Phuket is a fascinating place with something for everyone from seedy little bars (that’s me) and beautiful beaches (for Michele). This was the second time we have been to Phuket and we were really surprised by how things had changed over the last four years, there really seems to be far more commercial pressure on everyone with pricing on a lot of things increasing by 150% plus since we were last there. Seems to be the way of the world, once a good thing is discovered and the tourists flock in the essence of the place seems to diminish and it all becomes a little fake.


That aside we had a great time, one of the highlights was Tiger Kingdom, at this attraction you get to go in the enclosure with the Tigers. Michele was not that keen on this, especially after stupidly watching “when animals attack” the night before we went. I have attached a photo of us in the enclosure with the Tiger and yes that is a grimace not a grin on Michele’s face. Shortly after this photo Michele became sure that one particular Tiger was staring at her with very hungry eyes (not the sort I use on her, with little effect I might add) and a mild panic set in, not wanting to become a tasty snack for the Tiger, Michele insisted it was time to go, NOW! Being stuck between the tiger and Michele I knew which one frightened me more and we promptly left the enclosure.

The photo above is us in the Tiger enclosure.


Kaikoura FIeld Trip - Labour Weekend

August 8, 2013 Field Trips

Dates: Arriving 25th October, departing 28th October.

Accommodation: Dusky Lodge (linen is supplied)

Registrations to Richard Loader:   richardsloader@vodafone.co.nz

Given that we will be in this beautiful landscape for three days there will be opportunities for tutorials, inspiration and learning and so I can now tell you that a very special guest will be joining us on this trip to assist with that. That is all I am going to say on that topic at the moment....but more will come...you will just have to wait and see. :)



Club Chatter Edition # 83

July 29, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Sandra has kindly sent out most of the info contained in this blog, but I sure you can never get too much RPS news.

As some of you will be aware, Michele and I have taken some time off and popped over to Phuket for a couple of weeks of R&R. One of the things that amazes me about the world we live in is just how small it has become as I find myself sitting beside the pool, sipping a banana Daiquiri in 30+degree heat and thinking it was really only a few days ago we were in Arthurs Pass in -5 degrees freezing our butts off. Which leads me nicely on to the first subject of this blog.


I would like to do is extend a huge thank you to Catherine Boyd and Richard Loader for organising a fantastic weekend away at Arthurs Pass, it was truly a weekend to remember which full of drama, great fun and amazing photo opportunities. With our vice president breaking her ankle on the first night and quite a few of us getting trapped at the Bealy Hotel because of the weather, it was a weekend that keep on giving :-). Well done guys!!!

Arthurs Pass is really one of the south Islands treasures especially in winter the snow and ice make it one of the best places I know to get that winter shots. I was on my way to the Devils punchbowl and I saw Richard down at a spot by the river and as soon as he left I jumped in, Richard has got a great eye for a photo, so I knew there would be something cool to photograph.

When I got down there I was amazed by the incredible ice formations in the stream, I took a couple of shots and I was really pleased with them, a little bit abstract, a little bit natural history, I’m not sure, but I liked it.  

The photo above is one of the shots I took over the weekend:


Arthur's Pass Field Trip

June 26, 2013 Field Trips
Greetings and Salutations

Planning for the Arthurs Pass - Mid Winter Christmas trip is now well under way and promises to be really special in respect to a huge range of photographic opportunities, learning experiences and of course all the fun and fellowship that the Rangiora Photographic Society has become absolutely famous for.
There are two rooms at the Bealey Hotel still available and we would very much like to fill these to ensure that the costs are contained.

Club Chatter Edition # 82

June 16, 2013 Club Chatter

Man I wish I hadn’t procrastinated for so long and got that ark finished last week, alas I just didn’t get it done in time, so there will be no chance of Rangiora’s finest photographers to board the safety of the ark two by two. Unfortunately you will all have to drag on your gummies and wet weather gear and try to stay dry, if the rain doesn’t stop soon you will need a boat to get to club night. It feels like just yesterday that we were all talking about droughts. 

I would like to thank the organisers of last weekend field trip to the Ferrymead Tram Barns, Martin Shaw, Linda Watson and Richard Loader. You guys did a great job. It was a truly fascinating day with so many interesting things to photograph. I have seen quite a few of the images taken on the day and I have been blown away with to quality and creativity of them, this is one of my favourites so far, love the texture and mood in the shot, you almost feel you could cut yourself on the old iron.


By Catherine Boyd.

I am working on an AV together for Tuesday night, so if any you who were on the field trip, haven’t sent me a couple of your images (up to 5) can you please do so ASAP so I can get your images in the AV. You can send the images to steven@insitu.co.nz

Coming up…….


Club Chatter Edition # 81

June 3, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

I hope you have all had a safe and productive Queens Birthday weekend and had those cameras out, it has been a good weekend for photography with lots of diffused light. I have spent a good chunk of the weekend trying to get a “great” shot of the bird life down at Waikuku beach and today I have been outside chasing fantails around the orchard in the rain (man those little suckers are quick).

After looking through the 1000 odd photos I have taken over the weekend I think I might have one or two shots worth taking to post production. I look on the internet and see these incredible shots that other people have taken of wildlife and wonder what I am doing wrong. I am sure it is not me and my unsteady hand, but more likely a fault of the camera or that my lens is just too small.

Arthur's Pass Mid-Winter Trip

May 3, 2013 Field Trips
Greetings and Salutations
Hot on the heals of the 'Block Busting' field trip to Wanaka, Altamont Castle and One Acre Forest - we have the much awaited Arthur's Pass Mid Winter Christmas Trip scheduled for July the 12th and 13th and registrations are now open for a very limited time.
We anticipate that this trip will be very popular given its relative close proximity to Rangiora, ease of access and simply amazing scenery - particularly at that time of year.
We have secured accommodation at the historic Bealey Hotel which was originally established in 1865 and is situated on the edge of Arthur's Pass National Park in the heart of the majestic Southern Alps. Naturally, this field trip has been timed for the winter season and hopefully there will be some great snow fall to add to the Northern Hemisphere Christmas spirit - right out of a Dickensian novel!

Club Chatter Edition # 80

April 29, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

T’was a most splendid medieval feast had by all the Lords and Ladies and all other riff raff in One Acre Forest this weekend past!

As you will all be aware around 50 of the club members converged on Wanaka for the first major field trip of the year. It was an action packed weekend which included archery, clay pigeon shooting, a beautiful meal at the historic Cardrona Hotel and a genuine medieval feast

Wanaka field Trip - 24th - 28th of April

April 18, 2013 Field Trips

Greetings and Saluations

As you will know, Rangiora Photographic Society is running a field trip to Wanaka to coincide with ANZAC day. The trip will be for 4 days from the 24th of April through to the 28th of April. The days are a little flexible if you cannot be there the entire time - though it would be preferable if you could make the entire 4 days.

There is an opportunity for a single person or a couple to join this trip which will include many opportunities to photograph those stunning autumnal colours of Wanaka as well as participate in many interesting, exciting and fun activities including a mystery bus trip, a visit to two galleries, a dinner at a wonderful restaurant, experience the famous RPS pancake and streaky bacon breakfast and the much awaited Medieval Evening.

The trip promises many opportunities to learn photographic skills by joining with the group on formal and informal shoots, networking with likeminded people and sharing experiences and knowledge. You will also make and renew wonderful friendships with a group of people who place fun at the centre of their world.


Club Chatter Edition # 79

April 14, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Hope you have all had a great weekend, I have spent the day laid up on the sofa (which I have quite enjoyed). I jumped over a fence yesterday and twisted my ankle, I guess I’m not a graceful as I thought. Poor old Michele has been harshly reminded that when I have an injury it is much worse than anybody else’s injury recorded in history and I need things brought to me NOW!



I wish I had been able to take a photo of me landing, it would have been a great shot for the online, it was truly awkward.

I have had heaps of great feedback on the exhibition, so a huge thank you to all those involved especially Catherine Boyd who co-ordinated the exhibition, the sub-committee and everyone else who helped, you all did a fantastic job!

Now on with the important stuff…………………………



Rangiora Photographic Society - Exhibiiton

March 31, 2013 Exhibitions

Greetings and Salutations

On behalf of Catherine Boyd and the rest of the organising team I would like to take this very last minute opportunity to encourage you all to call at the Brick Mill Gallery in Waikuku to view our Exhibition which closes at 4.00pm today - along with the drawing of the 'People's Choice Image' and the raffle - which of course is a stunning image that has been presented by Lynn Barr.


This years Exhibition is notning short of fantastically stunning - and truly representatve of the Magic of Light.

I think that we can all be very proud of our club and our very talented fellow members who have made this Exhibition not just possible but incredibly successful by submitting works of such a high standard.


Triptych Rules

March 21, 2013 Tutorials & Useful Stuff

What is a Triptych?


The background should complement the presentation of the three images but must not become a significant “fourth image” in the message of the triptych’s three images.


Additional Guidelines:

■ The only restriction on the arrangement of the triptych’s three images is that they must not meet or overlap.

■ There is no requirement that the three images must be either the same size or the same shape.

■ Added borders, drop shadows etc. are allowed.

■ Below are some examples of allowable and non-allowable triptychs:



Club Chatter Edition # 78

March 3, 2013 Club Chatter

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Hope you have all had a great weekend, I have been taking advantage of the fact the lawn was too wet to mow and have spent the day watching photography tutorials on YouTube. Is there anything you can’t learn on YouTube?


There are so many talented people sharing their knowledge for free, it is a great way to up skill and get inspiration to try new techniques that you have never even heard of before.

The rest of my afternoon has been spent flicking though the new F11 magazine, it has got a great article on Olivier Du Tre in which he talks about his photography and show some of his images which are stunning. These are Black and White and with our B&W competition closing shortly I thought it was well worth a read. The link for the online magazine is http://www.f11magazine.com

Now on with the important stuff…………………………


Club Chatter Edition #77

January 30, 2013 Club Chatter

30 January 2013

Hi to all fellow RPS members,

Well here we are at the end of January already, I’m sure that January gets shorter every year! I have had a great summer so far, it feels like the summers I remember as a kid, long summer days and hot summer nights, the best time of the year.


I have spent a fair bit of the summer behind my new camera, no Santa did not bring me the 1DX  I was hoping for (you have to shoot for the sky), but he did bring me a new 5D mark 3 and yes it is a steep learning curve when you get a new camera, all those extra features and buttons. But I am getting the hang of it now.

We have a big year planned for you guys this year, lots of great field trips, entertaining guest speakers and heaps of great camera craft, rounded out with good old fashion RPS FUN.

So here we go…………………………


Club Chatter #76

January 22, 2013 Club Chatter
Greetings and Salutations

I’m ‘guest blogging’ tonight to allow Steve to get on with a number of other important club activities. At this time of year there are always so many ‘balls in the air’ and it really can be a challenge to maintain the juggle.

Still as a wise man once said to me, when you bite off more than you can chew….you just keep on chewing….not that we have bitten off more than we can chew – but the size of the bite is pretty substantial all the same.

I was talking to Rob Lile, the Managing Director of the photo stock library Photo New Zealand, the other day and he mentioned to me that professional photographers were becoming increasingly concerned that amateur photographers were under selling their work. The impact of this is that photographers who rely upon photography for their living have to compete with the lower prices.

I have various views on this and I think that there are some arguments that can be shared on both side of the fence. I do think though that it is important to know the value of your own creativity and the time, effort and cost that it took you to develop the necessary skills and ability to produce that creativity.

RPS Exhibition

January 22, 2013 Exhibitions

Greetings RPS Members

I’m thrilled to announce that the RPS Exhibition for 2013 will be held at Easter Weekend – once again at the Brick Mill in Waikuku.


The theme of the Exhibition is “The Magic of Light” and your images can be of any subject.

This year the images are to be printed up to A3 size and will be MATTED ONLY. Mat dimensions will be advised shortly.


Wanaka Field Trip

January 22, 2013 Field Trips

Greetings and Salutations

As you know, the first field trip for 2013 will held in the gorgeously autumnal Wanaka. Already there have been about 26 registrations which is fantastic.

We had previously booked into the Lake Hawea Motor Camp for accommodation. However, after viewing this accommodation it is clear that this facility would not meet our needs and so an alternative venue has been found which I know you will find infinitely more suitable at about the same pricing as we would have been paying for the motor camp.